Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

StPatricksDayCookies 011 copy 5

What's on your dinner menu tonight?

If I can pull it off, this is what we should {ha...ha} be having....

Smoked brisket {smoked on Sunday by Dad}
Peas {for the boys cuz they will not go within 10 feet of cabbage, LOL!}
Red slow cooked lemon butter taters

And of course, those green cookies up above. :0)

Hope everyone's day is a lucky one!!



Anonymous said...

Slow cooked Lemon Butter Taters sound so good, course i never meet a potatoe i didnt like :) (unless it had mushrooms on it , yuck!)
Donna, NY

O'Shiela from McNew York said...

Those cookies look like the ones my father-in-law absolutely LOVED from Sam's Club. :)

Menu?????? What the heck is that -- I am always whipping up something last minute and it frequently seems like breakfast food. (SIGH)

Speaking of cabbage, this morning our radio station's daily trivia question was: "What item do American's typically eat 7 pounds of each year?" I guessed cheese. Wrong. The answer? CABBAGE?! Not in this household!!!! LOL!!!

Happy St. Pat's Day to the O'Kruppenbacher family. :)

Kim said...

O'Sheila...They are from Wal-Mart. LOL!! :0)

Amy said...

Yum - cookies! I made reuben casserole (everyone loves sauerkraut except me), pistachio salad, and Girl Scout Thin Mint brownies.
Hope you enjoyed your St. Patty's Day dinner!

Becca said...

Your menu sounds delcious! : )



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