Monday, March 29, 2010

Still Pissed At Comcast

Dear Mark from Comcast Cares...
Please refer to the comments section of "Comcast Sucks Friggin' Donkey Balls".



Shiela in NY said...

Let's hope Mark is legit and that he has the BALLS to leave another response, after reading your reply!!! :)

BTW, thought it was rather funny that the word verification I had for that comment I posted about Comcast was "fardhead". (I secretly thought of farThead and Comcast in the same sentence ... yes, I have playground thinking sometimes...!)

cheri said...

I battled Comcast many, many times a few months ago. By the time I was done, I had over $500.00 in credits from complaining so much. Good luck!

K said...

Dang. What does Comcast do, google their name and see who's blogging about them?

I can't wait to hear if they make things right because right now they look like a bunch of fardheads.

Happy Easter to the K Fam.



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