Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Guess who came home yesterday with pots full of assorted flowers for me?
Yea...Karlio did and then spent his only day off replanting them.
Happy times. :0)

Moms Spring Flowers 003 copy 2

Moms Spring Flowers 004 copy

Moms Spring Flowers 006 copy

Moms Spring Flowers 007 copy

Moms Spring Flowers 005 copy

I love flowers. Crazy thing is, I never loved them as much as I do this year.
I still depend on Karlio to keep them alive though...some things will never change. LOL!

More tomorrow. :0)

Oh, btw...Kolin is feeling way better and back in school as of yesterday. Hopefully it won't go around cuz Spring Break starts April first.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!



Amy said...

BEAUTIFUL! What a hubby you have!
I can't wait for our weather to get to the temps where we can be planting flowers.
Glad to hear Kolin is feeling better too.

Shiela in NY said...

What a guy!!!!!!!! Karl, your green thumb rocks! Our house is rather opposite. The plant my hubby brought home for Valentine's Day has already kicked the bucket. Seems like the hubby didn't think I'd water the dang thing and it appears we BOTH were and killed it. (Of course, I blamed him cuz if he'd just put his finger on the soil he woulda figured it out!) :0)

And...sorry, Kolin, but I had to LOL about the one post yesterday. You sure are purdy!! ;-)

Paradise Water Fountains said...

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