Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Ba Da Brothers Color Your World

From me to you..a little color popping action that I use to make my photo's color extreme. :0)

There are three Photoshop actions in this set.
They pop your color only, so make sure that your exposure and white balance are correct first. These will not work in under exposed pic's.

OK, so as you can see in this photo below, I ran the actions only.
I was concentrating on the background color so you can see as each action get's more intense, so does the sunburned look on his face.
That being said, "Mama Mia That's A Lotta Color" WILL turn skin wonky and WILL blow out your reds.
No problem'o though cuz I also put a layer mask on there so just pick a nice soft brush and erase it back in.
Typically I won't erase all of it completely because I do like "warm" skin tones.
Also, adjust the opacity to taste.
These were ran at full speed ahead, 100% opacity.
I love bright colors. :0)

Oh, one more thing. I created this in CS4, so unfortunately it won't work in Elements and older versions of Photoshop, such as PS7.

That being said, here's what you get...

Mama Provolone's Color Pop

And here's where you can pick it up....>>>>>

Mama Provolone's Color Pop Actions

Have a good one all!!



Shiela in NY said... you lost me totally on all the technical verbage; however, I do see a difference in shot A versus B. :)

I like your seedlings...and had to LOL about which plants they were! Hopefully you'll figure it out before you go to use them in recipes. I wouldn't know the difference at all!!!!

We have gorgeous weather, but to return to normal this week (upper 40s to 50). My in-laws in Texas had a couple inches of snow yesterday. hahahahahahahahaha

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Kim said...

Yikes, snow, for real? What a not so great way for the first day of spring.

rocketbear said...

Okay, I've been trying for days to d/l this and can't. The link made me sign up for an acct and upload a pix but I can't get anything but that pix. What am I doing wrong??? Help! LOL

Kim said...

Email me at:
I'll send it that way, Mediafire is a thorn in my side. :0(


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