Monday, March 15, 2010


"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi


In true Kody style, listening to us lecture about how his upper body won't start filling out for another few years {he's still so young}, isn't good enough for him.
He's been taking to lifting weights. Not big ones, but the ones you hold in your hand.
Last Friday I picked up a couple of ten pounders for him, {he was using water filled gallon milk jugs, lol}. He's been using them constantly, so much actually that I have to keep reminding him to stop for a while before he does damage instead of good.
That boy is so wanting to bulk up in the worst way. I got to admit though, for only being 14, he is starting to fill in. I can look at his arms and Karlio's and see very clearly that they are exactly identical except that Karlio's are still way bigger. Even the vein's are the same shape. Hehe...

Our rain has finally taken a hike, but only to be replaced by wild fires. They are not around us yet, fingers crossed that never will.

The boys are finishing up their second week of FCAT's {Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test} which are very similar the the SAT's from up North.
The only thing I still do Not like about the FACT's is that a child can be a super genius honor roll student forever, but if they panic and bomb the FCAT, they are held back a year. Crazy, huh?
Florida just doesn't get that some kids {I know cuz I have one} are honor roll material all through the school year but completely lose it when a test is put in front of them. :0(
Oh well, what can you do.

Not much else is new around here, just rolling along, day to day.

Hope you all have a really fun day today!!



cheri said...

Try having the WASL like we do here in Washington state. You have to pass the reading, writing, math and science portions during your junior year or you do not graduate! Does not matter if you are a straight A student all through high school, you don't pass it, you don't graduate. You do have 3 different attempts to take it, but still.

Dot O said...

Kim, make sure you keep his weight training in check. My physical therapist friend told me that up until age 15, they really cannot do much because they are still developing muscles and growing their bones. My son had wanted to start way back but I didn't let him. He just turned 16 in December so now he can start. Of course now he doesn't seem interested - go figure!!!

Shiela in NY said...

What a difference arms can be in boys of the same age!! Between martial arts and lifting Kody's gonna be pretty strong!!

Hope you're all doing well.

Anonymous said...

The SAT is for college (just like the ACT). The FCAT is given in Florida schools as part of the school evaluation (and student evaluation) is not part of testing for college evaluation.
On the other hand, the SAT (and ACT) are tests you take to evaluation your preparation for entry into college...colleges often asked for your 'SAT' (or 'ACT') scores as part of your college application.
SAT's are not equal to FCAT no matter where you live.

Maloy said...
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