Saturday, March 27, 2010

All Boys Weekend

My weekend will be spend with three guys cuz my girl has gone and taken off for a weekend with friends out in Ocala.
The brat. :0(

AdiosRedHouse 010 copy 3

Ah well, guess we'll make the best of it.
The boys want to make dinner tonight, that ought to make for some funny pictures later on. LOL!

Speaking of the boys, OMG...this even I don't want to believe.
Well...they BOTH want to chop off their long hair. UGH!!!!!
Kolin's reason, I am sure was set in his mind by a certain girl that he has been sweet on for many, many years.
Funny thing is, lately she has been "playing" with his long hair and he loves it. Now she changes her mind {in typical girl style} and wants him to cut it. So, the little turd is agreeing but with the excuse that it get's in his face and in the way when he plays sports.
He claims it has nothing to do with "J" but I know better. hehe...

Kody's reason is because he has started picking out his high school courses {yes, I said high school...holy crap where did the time go???} and ROTC is one of the classes he really wants to take.

So, I asked them both if they could just want till spring break {which starts April 1st} and I'd take them out for a small cut and style, but not short yet and then in the summer we'd go shorter if they still wanted to.

Needless to say, this is breaking my heart cuz we all know how I feel about long hair. *sniff....pout*

Oh and get this, even Karlio has been threatening to cut his off too. WTF??

Guess I'll have to learn to re-like short hair again. :0(

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!



tcsTenor said...

Personally, I L-O-V-E short hair on guys. :-p I think they're way more sexy with it short. However, I'm referring to grown men, not your boys. :-) Different strokes... You never can tell, they may change their minds later. Hair does grow.

Shiela in NY said...

Hey, speaking of Kaysha how is nursing school going?

Sorry, Kim, I can't relate to wanting long hair in the house but I do have to say I'd be curious to see what Karl looks like with short hair. The boys have had theirs (especially Kody) all sorts of ways over the years but we've never seen Karl w/short locks. Of course, if his grows as fast as the boys, you wouldn't have to wait long for his tail to be back. :)

Hope you're having a nice day. Our weather is horribly cold...guess that's what I get for lol about the weather Texas had recently!!

Amy said...

Ahhh Kim, our kiddos just gotta keep us on our toes don't they?
Can't wait to see the dinner making photos!
Good luck with the haircuts and/or ummm, shall we say bargaining....

Maloy said...

Hey there Kruppenbachers. I've been following your story since CaringBridge times but haven't seen you for ages. You're the same naughty-goofy-funny old (talking figuratively ma'am) self as you were back when I first found your page.

As for the hair, I don't want to sound like your brother-in-law who IS an enourmous prick (pardon my French) but I think boys, especially teens look better with short or at least short-ISH hair. I'm not a big specialist on male beauty but in my humble opinion your sons, Kim, looked nicer with short hair. So stop being such a selfish... erm... help me find a nice word :-))... and let them have it their way. YOU always have Photoshop to make em look the way you want. Make a "Long Hair Clip-on" plug-in and live happily ever after. :-P


Kim said...

Leo...your still a dang riot dude! Now, quit calling me "old" or I'm gonna have to go all pasta fazoole all over you!! LMAO!!

Maloy said...

YAKES! Sorry, ma'am. :-( You too are the same o... erm... familiar self... phew, got out of this one.

Your pictures are SOOOOOOOO cool! I want MORE! MORE! MORE! You are the best photographer I know and I know A LOT of them. Only... why Nikon? I bet a free spa visit that Canon 40D would kick D90's arse handsdown. Or shall we avoid religious discussions? :-))

Also, like I said, I missed a couple of years (which I regret!) and some pictures in the past issues of "KK Daily Tribune" are already missing. Is there ANYthing you can do about it or is it too late? :-(

Geez! You guys have been busy. And did the boys grow! HA! Boys. Kody is 10 minutes (and 10,000 cellphone calls) to a full grown man! And Kolin!!! How tall is he? 6'5"? 6'7"?

Anyway, now I'm gonna be a regular visitor (brace yourself sweetheart). I guess I'll have to bring my own Ahmad Earl Grey though.


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