Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goin' Green

Saving the planet, one "Mountain Dew" can at a time. :0)


Thanks to all who are in support of my Comcast tangent. Although it bites, it still kind of nice to know that I am not the only one who get's totally frustrated at big companies who like to bend us over and "OUCH!", just because they are the bigger bullies and they can.

In defense of "Mark" from "Comcast Cares", he did e-mail me, however, in this crazy world we live in, not knowing if he is legit or not, has me doing a little searching before he get's any info.
Honestly, any time I have called Comcast and spoke to customer service I have been...

1. Given the run around.

2. Given the "pass the buck" story.

3. Given the "oh yes BTW before we hang up the phone, were you aware your rates are going up" crap.

4. Given the "somebody can be at your house in 2 weeks between 7 and 5, this would be convenient for you Mrs. K because you don't happen to have a life do you?" speech.

5. Made to feel like a monster/criminal if my payment is 2 weeks late. Hello? My $180.32 I pay you guys every month keeps your ass sitting in that comfy chair in an air conditioned building everyday. Imagine life if you didn't have that job? Stop acting like that $$ is directly owed to you and please for goodness sake stop acting like you've never, ever paid a late charge in your life.
Hell, I'm just glad it's a bill that's two weeks late and not my damn period.

6. Given the generic "I understand/I am so sorry to hear that/We'll see if we can fit you in/we are on a first come first serve basis/I don't have much of a heart" lecture when I patiently and politely try to explain to you that your phone service is not working right {a couple months ago} and because I do happen to have a kid with a brainstem tumor, hydrocephalus, a shunt and epilepsy could you please send someone out to fix it, as contacting 911 in an emergency is a real thing in this house.
FYI, This only took Comcast three tries.

7. Speaking of three tries, what ever happened to "If we don't get it right the first time you get it for free" line I hear on that commercial at least 10 times a week?

Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky, or maybe my complains are for real. Maybe people don't speak up enough. maybe I speak up too much.
I don't know anymore.
Maybe we are just meant to get screwed or maybe, just maybe there are real live people {and not voice activated computers} who work at huge companies who still live life by the golden rule.

"Treat others how you would like to be treated"

Better yet...pretend I was YOUR Mom, how would you want her to be treated?

Enough said, I'm done here.

Have a great day everyone!!



Dot O said...

I feel your Comcast pain, Kim, I really do. Fortunately, the problem that I had for three years in a row seems, knock on wood, to be gone now...

With respect to Mountain Dew - why does that stuff taste like floor cleaner smells to me.... I cannot get passed the smell of it!!!

Hope today is a better day!!

Maloy said...

I'll avoid the dangerous parallels between "bend over and OUCH" and "2 weeks late period", even though SexEd has always been my favorite subject. BUT!!! I'll tell you this... and will try to keep it as bulletpointed and numbered as your own rant:

1. Every time you call Comcast, you're not talking to a "large company who is a bigger bully". You're talking to an underpaid man or woman who sits in a tiny cubicle EVERY DAY with a headset on his/her head. (S)he is as busy with the school-runs, sports, games AND kids as you are. Heck, some of them might even have a kid with a brain tumor, how do you know? And if you think that after your call he or she will jump off his/her seat and run to help you, you are SO wrong. Because

2. THEY CAN'T HELP YOU! All they can do is pass your call to "another department". That's all. And "another department" is also just a man or woman with another headset in his/her ear...

3. He or she would be VERY happy to tell you, Mrs. K, ... and I pity the poor bastards trying to pronounce your last name every time, ROFLMAO... so, Mrs. Kruppenbacher (DAMN, thinks the poor bastard), our company sucks big time, so why don't you just f*ck off and go and find a better one". BUT THEY CAN'T! Why? Because they have a bloody protocol which they must follow. They are ALL simply human answering machines who pronounced pre-programmed phrases for typical situations.

3. The people you talk to get VERY little from the $180.32 you pay every month.

So give yourself a break and CHILL, baby. Your anger will only put you to grave 5 years earlier NOT solve the problem.

If you want to rant, don't give the "answering machines" a hard-time, better write an official complaint. Here, enjoy:

Don't try to change the system, play along. Talk doesn't do anything, WRITE and COMPLAIN. It's papers that move a$$es not words.

Always yours (big sweet grin)

Maloy said...

And a comment to the photo:
"And they all lived healthily ever after"

PS What idiot invents these words for "word verification". What the heck is rethroud?

Shiela in NY said...

Leave it to you to find something near-pretty in a container of recycling!! :) Of course, green and gold are our school colors so it just seemed to look extra nice! :)

Kim, I LOL about you being two weeks late for your period!!! :-) Do you know that I actually compared Marks signature line in both entries, and thought just like you? Some "poopy head" could be really faking it, especially since it was amazing that they found your complaint online. (Sorry about the 'poopy head' part ... there goes my playground talk again!!) :D

Hope you're having a great night!

Kim said...

Dot...I hate the stuff too. LOL!

Leo, I swear I don't know whether to hit ya or hug ya, you crazy Russian Dude you!! LMAO!!!

Sheila...Girl, my friend, it's perfectly OK to say Shithead on this website. Keepin' it real. LOL!!

Maloy said...

Hit me or hug me... so it's either sadomasochism or swinging. YOU'RE HOT, BABY! I'd DIE to see you in leather bikini... or without it. :-Pppppp

PS Word verification: illoate. WTF!

Cheyenne said...

See? I knew there was a reson why we changed from cable to satellite...and have never looked back now for 13 years.

Amy said...

Just writing to tell you I hope that things are lookin' up in the fight with "corporate america". Ugghh! What happened to the days of good customer service? As you said, Treat others as you want to be treated...Amen!
Have a wonderful day!

Kim said...

LMFAO!! Ummm, nope Leo you don't, trust me. LOL!!!


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