Saturday, April 3, 2010

Him And Me

Florida men with hot arms that weld...


And the Woman who loves him...

JustaMe copy_filtered

Just got done dying eggs with the kid's, I'll put some of those up over the weekend.

Hope everyone out there is having a really good day before Easter. :0)

PS. Yes I am aware I have chunky monkey thighs, but I like to think the red shoes make up for it. LOL!



Shiela in NY said...

My God - does Karl have big enough veins?! The docs sure wouldn't have a hard time finding them on that arm!!! (Notice I'm not mentioning anything else that the author thinks is should see MY thighs!!) Great pics, as always.

It was about an hour ago that I thought, "Oh shit - we have eggs to do yet". Sure wish that job was already done. I still haven't started boiling the little suckers. Suppose I should, eh?!

Have a night!

Maloy said...

Your pictures are just AMAZING!!! The color, the composition, the scenes, everything's just PERFECT!

I'm just wondering... if the ride is smooth (slogan behind Karl under the word ASPHALT), why the heck does this thing need welding? It's STEEL!

Maloy said...

And the SHOES! Can one actually walk in a pair of those?

Kim said...

Well, I don't know really anything about trucks and welding and steel. I do, however, know a thing or two about nice man arms. LOL!!

About the shoes, yeah for sure but you have to be female and keep the shoulders back. It's all about balance and gracefulness, which a lot of times, I am definitely not. :0)



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