Monday, April 26, 2010

Truck Show

Last Saturday evening, after spending the entire day at work in the 90 degree heat, Karlio came home, threw us all in the jeep and took us out to Wildwood's "75 Chrome Shop", which is a guy store full of sparkly, shiny chrome stuff that you put on a truck.
Better then that, this shop was having a truck show, the 18 wheeled version and that's really why we went.
Now, while I don't know anything at all about the technical version of what makes trucks run, I do know a thing or two about pretty painted things.

These were my favorites...

The Harley Davidson was quite pretty in all it's orange and black...


This green and black one was SWEET!! Check out the brass knuckles for door handles..


And here is some sparkly stuff that makes that truck go...


And here is the front seat, sparkly shiny and very cool...


This one was a tribute to a music legend. I liked the way the sun hit it, reflecting the sky and making it sparkle. Can you see a pattern here?


This was mine and all the other "K" families favorite, the Transformers Decepticon truck.

The front...


The back...


And the stuff that makes it go Vrooooom...


This was a cool motorcycle that we spotted when we were leaving...


I took it for this kid...


Who happens to love bulldogs and who also vows to never get off my back until one fine day when he will actually become the owner of a bulldog. Yes, he loves those so dang ugly they are so freakin' adorable dogs that much. :0)
Truth be told, I kind of like them too.

Truth be told again, Karlio didn't really throw us into the jeep, we all went willingly. :0)

have a great day everyone!!



Amy said...

My son would've LOVED this truck show. I'll have to show him your photos when he gets home from school.
I wish I had a tenth of your photography talent!

Maloy said...

I'm not envious. I'm not envious. I SAID I'M NOT F***ING ENVIOUS!!!

Your piktures are SOOOO KOOL! (is that the way to spell in K-family?)

Shiela in NY said...

Wow - great pics! Speaking of fun things in FL....{please don't be upset with me...but my family was in Florida last week...and...) the news showed the Annual Leesburg Bikefest and I exclaimed, "Hey! I've heard of that!!! That's where Kody lives!!!" :)

Now, Kim, I know three years ago when we came to Florida you said we should have gotten together. Just like last time, we were just far enough away that we weren't in your neck of the woods. :( I didn't mention it before our trip cuz I didn't want to think about how close we were - AGAIN! - and not able to meet. I swear, SOME DAY, I really, REALLY do hope to meet my half sister, though! :)

Am I forgiven?!

Amy said...

Yup, my son loved the pics...thanks for sharing them!

Kim said...

Dang Sheila...we literally live 2 miles from Bikefest!! Get here and soon!!! LOL!!
And yes, your forgiven. :0)

Kim said...

Leo...yuppers, we are all things "K". LOL!!

Kim said...

Amy...that's awesome!!


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