Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Gotta love that purple. I took this on Easter morning, right across the street from Karlio's job.
Unfortunately I couldn't get real close so I slapped on my super zoom and got a few nice ones anyway.


I think {correct me if I am wrong though} these are called "Wisteria".

The kids have been on spring break for almost a week now.
Are they bored? Yes.
Did we put them to work in the yard yesterday? Yes.
Are they complaining about being bored anymore? Nope. LOL!

They go back to the books this coming up Monday, however, Kody will start on Tuesday because he has a morning neurology appointment on Monday. The medicine they put him on for eye tic's isn't really doing anything, so it's back to try something else.
He had his blood work yesterday so maybe that can tell us something.

Not much going on today, so we'll just try to enjoy this getting hot weather we've been having....finally. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

WOW! No matter what that plant is called, it's BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Maloy said...

Kids are bored. We live 43.5 miles from the DisneyWorld. What do we do? Of course! Get the kids to work in the garden! :-))) Just remember, nursery homes can be nice and expensive OR ugly and cheap. It's your choice!

PS Isn't it spelled wYsteria? It did in Desperate Housewives. :-))

Kim said...

Sheila, dang it Blogger was acting the fool and lost a bunch of comments, yours was one of them. Thank you though. :0)

Kim said...

Geez, never mind Sheila, they are gone one second and back the next.

Kim said...

"Just remember, nursery homes can be nice and expensive OR ugly and cheap. It's your choice!"

LOL, yea I know...Kaysha keeps threatening me.

Amy said...

They are gorgeous! That purple is to die for....we desperately need some COLOR here in the north!
You're giving me major spring fever! :)

Lisa said...

Wisteria is my absolute favorite flower in the world. My only complaint with it is that it doesn't last for very long. :)

Beautiful photograph, btw. :)


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