Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Return Of The Green Wall {and other stuff}

So, yesterday was Kody's neurology visit and because his latest med's were not working it was decided to change med's again, in hopes of keeping his facial and eye tic's in check...or at least tone them down a bit.

This morning he had his first dose of this new {ahem, cough..cough...miracle} med.
Thankfully I had a 9:45 appointment at his school this morning to meet the ESE team at the High School or I would have never known until this afternoon that my kid's brain and body, due to this new medicine, was racing at about 300 mph.
I could have gave him a case of Red Bull for breakfast and had the same result.

Long story short, he won't be taking that anymore.
I did place a call to neurology, I haven't heard back yet. :0(

The visit with the HS people went really well.
He will stay under the same plan and basically with the same courses but they are going to try and fit him into his favorites such as weight lifting, ROTC and TV Production.

And ahhh, did I mention MY BABY is going to HIGH SCHOOL this coming up school year?
{drama induced...WHY? WHY?...OK, I'm done now}

On a happier note, I dragged the kidlets and one chair out into a field of weeds with that kickin' green building yesterday afternoon and here are a few. {I promise there will be more, I am just running behind as always. Maybe I should take one of those hyper spaz pills? lol, I kid, I kid!}




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Not too many of Kolin cuz, well..to be honest, keeping it real and all. His ADD kept him trotting through the field looking for golf balls when I was busy with the others.
Gotta love those ADD kids, they are a riot. :0)

Gotta run, it's time to be fetching the boys.

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

I don't have an ADD kid (that's been dx'd by a doctor, at least), but I sure do LOL about Kolin, and imagining him running around after golf balls. :)

Sorry to hear that Kody's meds didn't work. :( Good thing you had that appointment this morning! And, yes, I noticed "HS" and wondered if that meant HIGH SCHOOL! YIKES!!! When in the world do these kids pass 3 and 4 grades in one year???!

Hoping the day didn't get messed up for Kody Bear....he needs to keep a watch on that little brother of his. OH - speaking of them - when I saw their pic I realized they had talked of getting their hair cut. Is that still happening?

Kim said...

It is Sheila, I just never got around to getting it done. hehe....my bad. :0)

Amy said...

As always, fantastic pics Kim!
I hope they get Kody's meds straightened out - poor kid.

Shiela in FREEZING NY said...

That just might be deliberate, eh?! ;)


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