Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where The Magic Happens

Ummm, no....NOT that magic, get your mind outta the gutter. LOL!!

This is where the blog magic happens, right here at my lil' desk in the corner of my bedroom...

mycomputer 011 copy

***note, it's true..I can't stand clutter, especially on my desk. It looks like this always***

Yes, life is sort of boring when I start taking pictures of and labeling inanimate objects.
On the bright side, at least they don't run, complain or throw me the bird.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!


1 comment:

Shiela in freezing NY said...

GOSH - you are NEVER going to be invited to my house! :) My business keeps me so busy I hate how my house gets deprived. And, yes, there is some clutter ... and a few stacks. :-( If I had, oh, 3 extra hours a day I could keep up but at this point in my life I can't. Not that I ever had a Martha Stewart house, but I sure was able to keep up better before being self-employed.

So, nobody gives you the bird, but that CROW on your desk might me thinking about it. (Get it? Bird ... Crow. Okay, thee of little brain here....)

Have a great night!


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