Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zombie Stompers

So, last week was Karlio and my 30th wedding anniversary. Yeppers...30 years, same man. Cool!

What could possibly be cooler then that? Well, actually...what the Fed Ex man delivered to my front door, that's what.
The baddest shoes ever, Zombie Stompers...


It's true, my man went on-line and ordered them, right size and all, without me even knowing.
He's a keeper...he really, truly is.

Know what's even cooler? The fact that after 30 years he still knows I can rock those bad boys. hehe...
I love that man.

Thank you again "Vinny", cuz everyday you rock my world!! Love, The Diz

Have an awesome day everyone!!

Oh, and before I leave...thank you so much for letting me know what my tree's name is. Actually, they really do look like bottle brushes. So cool
Today I have to photograph another cool plant that popped up two days ago. Maybe you can tell me what that is too, cuz I am clueless.
Shoes/Me = extremely knowledgeable
Flowers/Me = not so much



Shiela in NY said...

Okay, "Sis"...please enlighten me. WHERE are you going to wear those shoes?! I've never seen anything like them, but from what I know about you, I can understand why you like them! Karl's such a kool husband. My hubby can't EVER come up with anything too imaginable. Heck, for Christmas he got me clothes that were two sizes too small. Either he wishes I was the size I used to be, or I can blame it on the fact that clothes have spandex in them and they don't fit the same!! ;-)


Your Sis/Sis-in-Law =)

Kim said...

I'm not sure yet where I'll wear them but I just HAD to have them It's a girl thing. LOL!!

Amy said...

Congratulations! Happy Belated 30th Anniversary - and MANY more! What did you two do to celebrate this milestone?
Karl rocks in the gift giving department!

Kim said...

Well actually Amy, we made seafood stir fry and then fell asleep early cuz we were so full and there wasn't much to watch on TV. So much for glamorous, huh? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 30 years Kim and Karl!!! That is awesome. So when do we get to see Mrs K in these Zombie Stompers??? Love em but have never seen anything like em :)

Hugs from Missouri,

Amy said...

Ahhh, sometimes we just have to keep it simple, and hey you spent time together...that's what counts, right?
Again, congrats!


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