Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's One Of Those Days....

And I wish it would just end right about now.
Oh well, one more day till the weekend gets here. :0)

Here's the Bear...

KodyMyBear 034TOPAZ

And here is an old one from last summer. I'm putting it up for two reasons.
One: The bright colors of summer out in Odessa Island make me happy.
Two: I created my own color popping action for Photoshop and wanted to ask if it works {it will pop only the parts that need a little pop to it, in this photo only the chairs and green wall}.
Three: If it does, I'll post it up here for free.

Odessa Keys 004 copy

Wait, that was three..I said two.
OK so like...whatever. LOL!

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

YOU TOO??? I am not having the best day and wish I could curl up and take a nap in a sunny window...

Oh well...give it about 10 years when our youngest will be a teenager and never home. :)

Love the pic - all those bright colors are great!

Amy said...

Great photos Kim - I LOVE the color behind Kolin and the chairs, and then there's Kody...that boy looks more and more grown up everytime you post!
I hope today's a better day for you!
Many blessings....


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