Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winterfest 2010

Every year we make it a point to attend Fruitland Park's "Winterfest", sponsored by the Methodist Church. Yesterday we got to go was AWESOME!!

Food, fun and a carnival setting...

winterfest2010 015 copy 2

Which included Skee Ball...

winterfest2010 034 copy

The chili cook off contest rocked!! I can't remember the name of the girl we voted for {she was next to the Marines} but anyone who puts out shredded cheese and sour cream with their chili gets my vote for sure.
My second place vote {but Kolin and Kody's first} was the US {with extra Texas Pete hot sauce}, not mild. :0)
The FPFD was the BOMB as well. it really was difficult to decide, we loved them all.

Probably the highlight of my boys day was, as every year, the rock climbing wall.
They will stand on line all day just to climb and re-climb this thing. LOL!

winterfest2010 038 copy

winterfest2010 026 copy

Kolin scaled that wall fast..I mean seriously, blink your eyes and that boy was at the top ringing that buzzer...

winterfest2010 046 copy

Kody, being Kody used his upper body strength to get him up. Kaysha and I both were pretty floored when we watched him get up that wall using only his arms.
That kid is a bull, I swear it.

winterfest2010 041 copy

It was really a fun day, however, coming back home with two boys that were on soda pop, fried dough and cotton candy sugar highs...

Not so much. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

And here I was thinking they'd be burning off all that energy with all of those rock climbs!!! :) Even though it was a great post, believe it or not the part that made me smile were the words "Skee Ball" father-in-law's ALL-TIME FAVORITE game! He even passed it down to his son, my hubby. And he even wrote about it in his one-page Biography (the poor man worked HOURS on that thing, as his Parkinson's Disease kept him from typing at anything but a snail's pace).

So glad you had fun at Winterfest...seems like I remember Bull Kody getting up that wall last year too. What a guy!!!

P.S. I'm officially voting for New Orleans tonight...just b/c I think they deserve to have some "GOOD" things going on...! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, This is Liz Wilson from Community United Methodist Church. It is wonderful that you were able to attend Winterfest again with Kody and Kolin. We love to put this event on each year. So exciting to see the kids have a great time. Must say the adults do also. We had 240volunteers from the Church for the day. All of the volunteers enjoy doing it as much as anyone attending. I am volunteer checkin and I hear so many happy comments as the volunteers check out to go home. Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

That's what I love about Kody. He may not do things the easy way but HE WILL CONQUER every obstacle in his way. Looks like you guys had a wonderful day. I'm jealous. We are preparing for up to a foot of snow over the next two days!



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