Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sparkly Is My Homegirl

Riding around in leathery luxury is definitely putting a new spark in driving.

Please feel free to ignore the mud sploshes. We did wash it yesterday. It's raining today. Go figure. :0(


I am thinking about getting some nice big hater blockers, I think that would be pretty cool. lol!

Anywhos...this is just an FYI to my friends and family.

Due to some medical issues {not Kody, mine} the blog and photo updates will, for the most part, be kind of sporadic for a while.
Some things need fixing and I have got to tend to that for a bit.
I apologize, in advance, especially to my douche nozzle brother-law in NY who I know for a fact lives to read my updates everyday.,
Sorry Dude, but you know I'll be back soon, try not to miss me too much, K?

To everyone else...I love you all!!

Take care and have a great day. :0)



rocketbear said...

Hey, girl, I'll miss you but you getting fixed is the most important thing. Take care of you, enjoy Sparkly and post when you can. ((hugs))

Shiela in GOOD OLE NY!!! said...

Great lookin' ride!!! You know, I was thinking about you the other day when I turned something in our vehicle that we fondly call The Butt Warmers....thinking you folks could probably care less about such a feature but it SURE HELPS US NORTHERNERS on a cold winter day!!

Hey, Kim...I'm from NY and I love your updates!! Does that make ya feel even more loved?! :o)

Sure hope the plumbing and fixins' are all okay and it's just routine maintenance. THANK YOU for letting us know in advance about the updates...you KNOW we'd be worrying about ya!!

LUV YAZ!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You take care of yourself Kim and enjoy Sparkly - you two go well together ;)

Hugs from Missouri,

Anonymous said...

Kim hope your "fixing" goes Ok.

Margie M

Dot O said...

Take care, Kim.... nice wheels too! Hope she rides like the wind for ya?

Rosemary said...

Good luck, Kim...I will be thinking of you and missing your updates as well. Get yourself healthy fast. Love your vehicle. I just bought a Liberty Special Edition and I'm so loving it and it's leather heated seats. Can appreciate your love for your Cherokee.
Again, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.
PS As to the brother in law - remember what goes around comes around and you will be there a laughing when his time comes around at him.

Amy said...

I hope you're ok Kim! We'll miss you while you're away from the blog. Take good care of yourself!
Prayers for you...
~The K-Krew from cold/snowy WI

Anonymous said...

Kim....I am another one who will miss your updates but am sending all good thoughts your way. You and your health are much more important! Sparkly is beautiful, and I agree with Shiela and Rosemary, gotta love my heated seats on these cold winter days!
Linda in Pittsburgh

annieb said...

Sparkly is a beauty...take care of yourself...will miss your updates...wishing you well

Sea52Jay said...

Big hugs. Love ya, CJ


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