Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kody's New Glasses

We got through a couple of years where his vision was fantastic...but, that's about come to an end again.
It's no biggie though, right now he can't see anything close up, so while he does his reading/school/computer thing, he looks like this....

KodysGlasses 006 copy

Still really handsome to me. :0)

His right eye that I had noticed lately is turning in, really is. So, we need to find him another Dr. that can help us out with that and be able to surgically align his eye back into it's proper place.
Years ago he had already had his left eye operated on and it's been good as new without a problem ever.
Till that happens though, I either make him say no to football or wear a helmet, cuz I swear lately he has done nothing but catch that ball with his face.
The Dr. tells us, "ummm...yes that's because he doesn't see straight".
Who knew? :0/

Tomorrow morning is Kody's appointment with his neurologist, in Orlando.
His eyes are ticcing like crazy lately, giving him headaches and making doing pretty much anything a PITA for him.
Hopefully, we can increase his Stratera for that, but I don't know since he is already, I think, on it's max dosage.

Well, that's about all that new around here.

Hope everyone has a great day today!!



Anonymous said...

Good Luck, Cody!! Hope you all have a safe trip!
Donna, Ny

Dot O said...

Handsome in glasses! We've had Colleen's eyes aligned twice - once at age 3 and then in 7th grade. She will always have double vision and had a bad day with it yesterday, but her eyes are straight. If you want to travel to Philly, Dr. Leonard Nelson at Wills Eye Hospital is one of the best!

Amy said...

Very nice! Kody, you look so distinguished!

Shiela in NY said...

I like your new glasses, Kody! I sure hope you find an eye doctor as good as the first one! Sorry, but I lol when I read what the doctor said, about why you're 'catching' those balls with your head! :) You know, this morning I ran across the card you sent me when I sent a donation for your 2005 (?) Relay for Life fundraiser. There was the pic of you've changed SOOO much!

Kim, I really liked the background in the pic of Kody! Between his lightweight jacket and the browns and sunshine in the background it reminded me of our Autumn season, which is my favorite! :)

Hope you're all having a great day today!

Sean from very cold NJ Doherty said...

Hey Kody. Lookin hansome. Glasses make everyone look smart and dude chicks love glasses.

Anonymous said...

Handsome as ever - if not more so!!

Hugs from Missouri,

Kim said...

Thank you everyone!! :0)

Sheila...I took that in the late afternoon in a small corner next to our driveway. The light that time of day with the sun going down was so purty. :0)


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