Monday, May 9, 2011

Not For The Reptile Haters.....


If snakes make you freaky and scared and whiny, you may just want to skip today's blog post update thing.
Just sayin'......

Then again if you love the lil' turds, I've got a cute one for you.

My oldest daughter, KK, wanted a small pet.
She thought about a dog and I said "That's crazy you work all oday".
She thought about a cat and I said "Cats smell bad".
She thought about a fish and I said "Loves it!"
So she went out to her local pet store and came home with....



Memphis is a red tailed boa and honestly the sweetest snake I've ever met.
They was here all Mom's Day weekend and I don't think he spent more then thirty minutes in his tank during the day. Someone was always holding the lil' booger, mostly Kody.

When I get bored I do things like, put snakes in giant tea cups...


Hang them off kids forts and get up real close and personal...


I'm sure he's thinking "Who is this human idiot with the black box thing in front of her face anyway? Why doesn't she fear me? Am I not intimidating? I'll show her a$$, someone get me a frog, Oh the hell with it, get me a damn rat I'm starving".

I also put them in pretty flower gardens, mainly for the whole color pop effect.


And that's what I do when there's not much else to do on a sweet Mom's Day Sunday when I'm not ewwwwing and ahhhing over the cute purple stilettos, Ed Hardy hair dryer, faux snakeskin stilettos, and zebra print hand bag my kidlets gifted me with this year.
They did not however get me the Shop Vac requested. Looks like I'm on my own for that one. lol.

Hope your Mom's Day was just as exciting as mine!!



Shiela in NY said...

Love the pics and love that you enjoyed your Mother's Day weekend! :) I just wonder ... do snakes get slivers from sliding down wooden forts? :D

Anonymous said...

Umm i sure cant say that i love or even like snakes . But the pictures are pretty cool to look at.
Donna, ny


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