Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sea World

First things first though...
I followed the advice I got {thank you again} and the tranny fluid looked pretty good. I haven't felt those slips again so I am hoping maybe it was just my imagination.
I really, REALLY wished I had paid better attention to all those times Karl tried explaining important things like that.
But, more on that later.

Kody is doing MUCH better. Turns out he was dehydrated. It has been hot her, I mean HOT...96 degrees and the humidity is crazy.
So, I pumped him like mad with Gatorade and water and after another two days he was back to normal again.

Last weekend I took the kids to Sea World.
Being a Florida resident has lots of advantages as far as things to do. Plus as residents we get pretty cool discounts. The Sea World "Fun Card" is one of them. You pay for one day and go the rest of the year for free.
Sea World has got some really cool roller coasters so it makes it totally worth it.

Here's some snaps from that day...

That is Sea Worlds newest coaster, The Manta, behind them and in the pic below. OMG it is AWESOME!

SEAWOARLD2 140 copy

SEAWOARLD2 193 copy

SEAWOARLD2 143 copy

SEAWOARLD2 160 copy

SEAWOARLD2 191 copy

SEAWOARLD2 142 copy

seaworld 018 copy

SEAWOARLD2 196 copy

SEAWOARLD2 186 copy

SEAWOARLD2 176 copy

Tomorrow maybe some blueberry picking at a local farm, before it gets too hot out. :)

Have a beautiful day!!!!!



Margie said...

I can't believe how big both boys are getting. Guess that means I'm getting older.

Anonymous said...


Saw that you weren't sure what to do with all the blueberries. Freeze them on cookie sheets or even a plate and use them for muffins, pancakes, smoothies, whatever. Put in a ziploc bag. Rinse under cold water before using. Glad Kody is feeling better.


Shiela in NY said...

VERY cool benefit for the park admission!!!! I had no idea that Sea World has roller coasters ... the Manta looks AWESOME!! So glad Kody's feeling better. Send some heat this way any time you want. We're back to a week of rain. :(


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