Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Kid That Just Won't Quit

LOL...he tried his best to over-do it and right now he's sound asleep. He sure does look so cute when he's down for the count. :0)
That Bear of ours'''he even asked me if he could go back to school tomorrow, can you believe it?

Anywhos....just a quick update to let you know that we, as one big ole' family, have definitely been taking some serious R&R this afternoon. Back to real world tomorrow. :0)

Some pic's from last week, pre-surgery.
Kody and Kolin had themselves a little silly string fight, these two cracked me up.

These were edited on a laptop, so I'm sure the colors probably look quite wonky. :0(

Have a great day everyone!!!!


Silvia said...

Glad to know the Bear is home and well!

Lots of love,

Silvia :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a good silly string fight!!! Sounds just like Bear...trying to do before he should be!! :) Glad he's up to school, though. That sure is a good sign when your kid asks to go to school! Hope you all rest well tonight!

Stretch out in that big bed of yours, Kim!! :o)



Man Kim! You are a posting machine! Must be all of that coffee you were drinking! ;)

So glad to hear that Kody is home and doing well. I'm sure that boy will be up and at 'em in no time. Me? I'd still be lying in that suite ordering room service!

Get a good sleep tonight Kim!

Take care "K"s

Sea52Jay said...

Kim, so glad to hear that Bear's on the mend and he got the help he's needed. You are all in my thoughts and heart everyday. I had wondered if Little B would be going to the hospital with him and sooo glad he did. :-) One never knows about these things but my gut feeling says that this is the solution to the Bear's headaches. Prayers that I'm right. Love to all, CJ


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