Friday, October 17, 2008

Kody's "It's Still Light Out Can You Believe It" Update sooo crack me up woman!!
Yes, I can surely relate about the floors..definitely!!
Ironing though, Oh come on girlfriend..Downy Wrinkle Reducer, try's my new BFFL. :0)

OK, now on to Kody's post-op appointment today.
While he is still getting a few headaches, he didn't have to have his shunt valve adjusted at all. It may just some more getting used to so we just have to give it a little more time for his brain to adjust to actually having a normal amount of fluid running through it.
His Dr. was totally impressed about how quickly his cut healed. I've been relentless at keeping it clean as I can and you may be able to tell by his faded hair color around the surgical site that I kind of, may have used just a tad too much peroxide on it a few times. :0/

His next appt. is this coming Wednesday at Neurology.

And, his next MRI will be next month at Arnold Palmer Hospital. No date yet as I still have to make it and get it to correspond with his neurosurgeons schedule so that 1, we can get his shunt readjusted right after his MRI {that has to be done in the Dr's office, the magnetic field from the MRI machine will mess up his shunt settings} and 2, we can get the MRI results right there instead of waiting.

Other then that, things are rockin' and rollin' around here.

Kolin came home from school today with a nasty ole' stomach bug that he tells me is spreading around his school like wildfire.
I'm hoping that he'll be good as new by tomorrow so we can get out to the Pumpkin Patch while I have the time.
Adri's still our biggest and loudest firecracker and Kaysha has made a big decision to be homeschooled for the rest of the year. Long story but no doubt she will still be able to either start college in 2009 or go into the Navy when she turns 18. She's still going back and fourth as to what to do.

OK my friends, I've got to scoot out and get Kody to martial arts. Although, he is still on a "no contact to the head" restriction for at least another month, he can still participate and do everything else.
No stopping that Bear.

Here's a few pic's, I have no idea how they will look because they were edited on a laptop sometime around 12:30 this morning. :0(

Have a great night everyone!!!!!


Micky said...

Kody sure is rocking that messy-hair style. It's popular around here!

Debbie said...

Beautiful pics of beautiful children!! I am so glad Kody Bear's appointment went good. I am sorry poor little Kolin has the stomach bug. Oh how I hate that kind of sickness. Hope it doesn't spread all thru your entire household.
I don't know how you do all you do, Kim. You are truly amazing!!
Keep in touch. I love your family!!!

God Bless~

k68 said...

Kim, if you haven't done so yet, look into the Florida Virtual School for Kaysha. It will take alot of the burden off of you to do her lessons.

Run a google search- it's run by the state dept of education and is fully accepted.

Dot O said...


The kids look great, esp. Kody. Always have him in my prayers.
I hope you know that.

Dot O

Anonymous said...

Can you believe I tried leaving a comment last night but got booted? Glad to hear that Kody had a good appointment. I'm not surprised he's healing well. Between his spirit, and his Momma's apparent "love" for peroxide, there should have been no different report! :O)

Sorry to hear Kolin wasn't feeling so good yesterday. I'm hoping he was better today. (Am reading your posts in order.)

Kaysha, no matter what you decide to do after you graduate, I have faith you'll do an awesome job. Besides, it's really hard for young adults to really "know" what they want to do when they graduate. You're still so young, and have so much to learn, when you picture the grand scheme of things.

And, Kim, I'll be sure to try some of that Downy Wrinkle stuff. Sounds like it could work good on most of our stuff, but my husband's office shirts and pants still need that nice ole crease. Now if I could find a magical fairy to put those deep creases on everything, without ironing! :o)

Off to catch up on your posts.


Anonymous said...

My son did his senior year on line thru 21st century charter school in PA. You can do it anywhere you have computer access. They were great about writing college recommendations & helping with the college process.


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