Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey Sheila!!

If I get on here for anyone tonight, it's for you Babe!!

Now, mind you...I'm fixin' to work on some photos, I really have to because I think I may have passed the magazine deadline which is irking me to the max, mainly because I have no time to even think about no time anymore.
The crazy thing is I do have back up here for most things which leads me to a thought I had today.
Actually it's more like a "Props/Shout Out" to all the single Mom's and Dad's out there who do everything and then some with no help at all..

You are ALL my new hero!!

Anywhos...where was I?

OK, yes..Sheila I almost didn't update tonight but when I saw your message, oh heck, how could I stay away, even if I just type away about absolutely nothing just to take up space.

Which sort of leads me to say...Ummm, I have nothing much to day. I know, pretty unbelievable, huh?

Works is going OK and I'm still in intense training, but honestly...I am on the information overload highway, and I need to find a quick exit and rest stop cuz I'm about to crash.
Tomorrow I have off because we need to have Bear in Orlando for his post-op appointment with his neurosurgeon.
He's been getting a few headaches this week and he's been a bit on the clumsy side, so we'll see of maybe he just needs another adjustment in that new shunt.
Plus, I believe that November makes the six month mark for his MRI's, so we'll find out about having those done soon too.
In case ya'all had forgotten, he had two suspicious spots on his last MRI that need close watching.

Adriana and her Mom {Alona is with her Dad} are still living here and since Kayara has been putting in double shifts just about everyday to save money, we've been taking on the baby care responsibilities.
Which...can be very tiring when your not used to having a toddler around but very rewarding too. There is nobody else that can care for that lil' firecracker then family.
I know they want they're own place again eventually...but when life throws you a curve ball, you just have to do what you have to do and I know she knows this.
We know it too, that's why we are here. :0)

On the flip side, I've always said, when life throws you lemons..break out the tequila and salt! LOL..never mind I didn't say that. :0/

OK my friends, and especially Sheila..I'm going to have to say good night for now. I'll be back tomorrow with a proper update with photos and all that silly stuff. :0)


Our Legacy Portraits said...

Glad to see you're surviving. I've been thinking about you. I'm praying for good news with Kody's appt. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

KIM!!!!!!!!!! You are definitely burning the midnight oil. I don't remember the last time you had a post at around midnight!!! I deliberately didn't get on this morning, since I knew you were working, thought Kody had his appointment, and didn't think you'd ever get a chance to update before your day started. (When I was thinking "this morning" I was thinking between the hours of 6 AM and 9 AM........NOT 1 AM!!!) :(

Your life sounds just like mine. Most of my days are SWIMMING. I'm ALWAYS behind (you should see my ironing pile, mending pile...ah, heck...LAUNDRY pile!). Bills are stacked up. Filing is stacked up. Can't remember when I last mopped the floors... {oh, wait...that's too much information!). :o)

You know, I didn't see the time of your post, but when I first saw this post was 'for me', I thought, "NO WAY....Kim has NOT had time to do those vintage photos of Kody -- !! If so, she's definitely Super Woman"! (Does that make you feel any better?! Even though that's not what I found, I still think you're Super Woman!) :o)

Hope the appointment went well today.

Love & TONS of ((((HUGS))))


Anonymous said...

Okay...I gave ya more credit than I thought. Your post was around 11 PM, not midnight (I saw the time stamp on the comment), but you still made my day with your post. I can't imagine waiting til tonight! :)

BTW, I loved your saying about a margarita when life throws you lemons. SOUNDS DANG GOOD TO ME!!!!!! :o)

And...another in the world am I ever going to talk to you on the phone, when my original plan was to call on a Monday, when I "don't work" (I say that lightly, as we all know we work 24/7 when we're parents!). :) Now that you're working outside the home I may just have to call you at midnight sometime. Kidding, just kidding...!



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