Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're Home!!

In less then one hour, turning down the dial on his shunt made an unbelievable difference.
So...we hung out for a little while, just to be sure.
Walked around a bit, just to be sure.
And when we got back to his room...we were sooo sure.
We were discharged about 15 minutes later. :0)

Right now Kody's happy in his own bed and getting some much needed rest at home.

I'll be back on later.

Thank you all sooooooo much for all the messages. When he's feeling better in another day or two, you know he'll be reading and loving them all.


Lauren said...

yay kody!!! you're so awsome !!! :D

Anonymous said...

So glad Kody is home and so glad to hear that headache didn't stay around long. I am thinking that's a good sign YEA YEA
Thanks for the update and take care of that bear

Hugs from Missouri,

Dot O said...

So glad that all went well and that only an adjustment in the shunt was needed to help his headache.

Sounds like the K family is due for some relaxing down time over the next few days while Kody recuperates.

Give our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Kody!

Debbie said...

I am so glad Kody Bear's headache is a thing of the past and you are all safe and home. We always rest best at home. Now he can rest up get better and have the entire K family waiting on him, hand and foot...LOL. And mama K can sleep in her own bed. I am so happy for ya'll!!

God Bless~

Anonymous said...

So glad you are home! Everybody always feels better when they get home. You are one brave kid!

Olympia, WA

Our Legacy Portraits said...

Yippeeeeee!! I am so glad you guys are home! I know Kody is glad to be in his own bed. Too bad the nice little nurses coming home with you aren't included in the discharge process. I'm still praying that he is back to his Kool Kody self in no time.. Sending tons of hugs & love your way.

Anonymous said...

YIPPEEE! So glad you were able to come home today!! How cool is technology? Just a dial and Kody's headache was relieved. YAHOO!!


Lisa said...

Go Bear...! Lovely to know you're home so soon. A young and with it member of my family says you need to chilax...apparently its chilling and relaxing...I'm so old!!!
Love and prayers to you all.

Alisa said...

Kody, you rock! I began reading your blog (caringbridge?)as Kody was having his last brain surgery. I remember showing my husband that video of him skateboarding. We both were cheering and crying! Kody, you sure are amazing and motivating. Keep on keepin' on boy!


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