Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

LOL..no, I didn't drop off the planet...yet anyway. :0)

Yesterday the kids were off from school {teachers work day}. Forgetting that the kids had the day off and I didn't, well..let's just say the day started off in a late way and pretty much stayed that way till nighttime.

The magazine Kody will be featured in hasn't come out yet. I've been busy trying to get some photos ready so that they can be used in it. Excited? Heck yeah!
Anywhos..that being that, I think I've finally got everything submitted and wrapped that up tonight.

The hat biz is starting to look alot like Christmas. It's so cool, loves it!! :0)

What else? Hmmmmmmm....

Oh yes, Kody's MRI is scheduled for November 24th at 8 AM. He see's his surgeon afterwards for the results and to get his shunt reprogrammed back to his comfy setting of 1.0.
Kody's doing pretty good. He's still getting used to the whole new shunt and though he looks awesome from the outside, the inside needs another whole month to heal

Looks like both boys are officially eligible for black belt testing this January!! Can you believe it, two second degree black belts in our family...and they're just kids. Unbelievable.
Now, I've got to seriously get through a few things so I can work myself to the bone in order to fund it. Anyone who has kids in martial arts knows it can be a tad costly...but ohhhh, sooooo worth it. :0)

The training I've been going through since last week will finally be put into effect tomorrow, I fly solo as the newest "Sales Assistant".
I know peep's have it going on everyday but it's too stinkin' cool having a personal phone with my name on the screen, my own biz e-mail, voice mail, my own customers, things like that just make me giddy all over.
I seriously hope I don't mess up...I'm talking seriously, cuz we all know I am severe ADD and if there is a chance to mess up, I will. :0/

Other then that, things are OK. Everything still seems upside down, busy, crazy, insane around here everyday, but that's our life and if it suddenly got quiet and boring, things would be sooo wrong. We'll keep the insane, it keeps us on our toes.

This Friday, {hopefully}, I'll be taking the boys to the mall for their Halloween costumes. I can't tell you what they will be, I'm sworn to secrecy once again. LOL!!

OK my friends, it's about 11 PM and I'm going to cut this short so I can try to get to sleep before midnight tonight.

Have a beautiful night all!!!!!

BTW, pictures soon. I'm working on a computer that doesn't have photoshop on it yet. It will Thursday though. I'm trying to get it in tip-top shape for the wedding I'm shooting in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Cool! A wedding gig...congrats!!! :)

Kim, you wrote so much I can't remember half of it to reply (too early for me, I guess, and the brain isn't retaining much yet!).

I can't believe K&K are testing again in January; they've done so well!

GOOD LUCK today, Kim...I'm sure you'll do an awesome job!! {But...between you and me...may I suggest you don't give your employer this blog address...you sure didn't give yourself an attaboy when you said you're worried about remembering everything! :o) } I'm sure you'll do GREAT!!!!

Have a good one.


Me, Myself and I said...

I haven't even begun to think what Oldest and Youngest are going to be this year. YIKES!


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