Saturday, October 11, 2008

Urban Bear

I love this one...

Those have got to be one of the coolest steps in Leesburg, and the kids not too bad too. :0)

Bear came home yesterday with some redness and pain on his new shunt site. But...I really think it was just the cut nerves healing and possibly him scratching it because when it heals, it itches like mad.
Same thing today be has no fever and otherwise feels great...he'll be fine.

Welp, I wish I could go on and on with the novels I've been known to write but, there is this little "Coppertop" girl here and she is way full of energy in a home full of peep's that like to ease their way slowly into a Saturday morning.
This could take a little getting used to. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

ok, maybe i missed a blog, but did you say why she is living with you full time? I was just wondering what was going on. Have fun!

Emma said...

Have fun with Adri! Hoping her mama is doing ok and so is big sister. And Uncle Kody and everyone else. And I love that pic! And, And And...

Anonymous said...

Ah...there's nothing like a young un to wake up the rest of the house on a Saturday morning... :o)

And, Kim, "only you" would see beauty/uniqueness in a set of steps! ;-)

Have a great night. Unless you're already pooped in bed from keeping up with Adri.


tricia said...

That handsome young man is such an inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only Adri is moving in?

I pray for Kody each day;have been for a long time. It's wonderful to see prayers answered.


Kim this is a beautiful pic of Kody! I think he is looking so great these days! I really hope the new shunt does the trick and there will be no more headaches!


Whoops! I probably should have said Handsome picture of Kody! ;)


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