Thursday, October 9, 2008

Awesome Magazine News!!

I got an e-mail yesterday and Kody's magazine isn't out yet but, it will be soon because...



I am sooo oooooo excited to tell you......

They are asking to have 6-7 more photos of him by ME!!!!

ACKKKKKKK....I am happy dancing everywhere, Hallie ya gotta join me cuz I know your a "dancer" and all!!!

I took these yesterday, I'm hoping at least one makes it in. :0)

I love this next one, I mean...look at that smile. :0)
His Daddy was sitting in the car right behind me and making him laugh.
Gotta love the Daddy's of the world. :0)

His hair is growing in like crazy. I've never met a person who's hair grows as fast as bear's does.

I've got more, slowly but surely I'll show them all.

Have a beautiful day everyone...I've got to get some hat orders complete and get on over to the gas station to fill up. Rumor has it that gas prices were dropped by 30 cents this morning...YAY!!!!!


Dot O said...

Awesome news Kim! I'm so very excited for you!I'm also so very happy that Kody is doing so well since the surgery. Have the headaches eased dramatically? I hope so.

Jenner said...

Oh yeah! I'm so happy for you Kim! I looooove the new pics. Kody, I'm glad your first day back at school went well. You make me laugh - elevator pass & bless your fart - only you kiddo! Love ya ~ Jen from WI

Debbie said...

Great news and great pics!!! I am so glad that Kody is doing so well. What a handsome boy!!!

God Bless~

Anonymous said...

WOW! That third picture is ALL Kody! I love that boy's smile!!! CONGRATS, Kim, on the magazine wanting more of YOUR awesome pics!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!


Our Legacy Portraits said...

The smile is back and better than ever!!! Kody - your strength is amazing! Bless your fart!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I;m dancing! I'm dancing!! NOw if I caould just find a bartop to climb on!!

That last pic is fan-freakin-tastic!!

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

Love the smiling picture. Kody is sounds like you are doing terriffic.
Keepiny you in my prayers.

Margie Miller

Stacylin said...

I am soo happy that Kody is getting better. When your a mother and have a sick child, there is no pain like it. You want to just take his hurt and give it to yourself.

Keep the posts comming I love your blog, I found it from Sweet Spot.


Picture number 3 is my fav. He radiates health in that pic! You can tell he must be feeling so so good!

Have a great weekend! It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so as this "K" family gives thanks we'll be thinking of your "K" family!


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