Sunday, October 12, 2008

Holy Freakin' Crap!!

Sorry, I just go so excited there for a minute!!

Today was the 14th annual ride 4 kids at Camp Boggy Creek and it was sponsored by Daytona Harley Davidson. OMG, there were well over 1000 bikes rumbling in, it was incredible!
We were one of 4 families chosen to participate...unbelievable. :0)
Kody and Kolin were both interviewed for TV and went on stage to pass out certificate of appreciation plaques.
We got VIP passes and schmoozed with, to name a few, Billy Lane, Vinnie and Cody from Orange Cty Choppers {who now have their own gig called V-Force) and lots of others.
The whole day was just great and the bikers raised, they estimate, about 4 million dollars for Camp Boggy Creek!!!!

I've got tons of photos to upload so just sa soon as I can I'll share some with ya'all.

I better run and get ready for a night on Wisteria Lane and bed semi early tonight because tomorrow starts a whole new work week, and I am soooooo not prepared. :0/

Have a great night everyone..I'll get those photos on soon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome fundraiser!!! Can't wait for those pics!

Good luck in the morning.


Dot O said...


Looked like a great day at Camp Boggy Creek!

Hope today, after your first official day of full-time employment, leaves you with enough energy to blog about it!

The kids look great. Hope the headaches are a thing of the past for Kody!


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