Thursday, October 30, 2008

She Drives Me Crazy...

***and I can't take it no more***

Sorry if ya'all got that song stuck in your head now. :0)

She's short.
She has flaming red hair.
She has a huge smile.
She likes to squeeze the cats.
She loves to pull off her shoes and hide them.
She gives hugs that would melt a snowman's heart.
She points at everyone and says "Stop It!"
She's thinks it's funny to dance with our Halloween decoration skeleton.
She will not stay still for a picture for anyone or anything.
She is her own mini diva with her own ideas.
It's her way or the highway.
She's a tomboy and can hold her own with the toughest of them.
She has a belly laugh that you can hear round the world.
She's Adriana Destiny....the silliest "K" family member we've got.

And while Adri tickles the silly bones, this "K" kid is about the funniest, wildest, craziest, animated sound effects guy we'll ever have....

Love ya Kolin Ross!!

And this guy here, who, no doubt, is our #1 heartbreaker...

Another day came and went and I have to use some time right now to play "catch-up" with some hats.
Have a great night everyone!!!


Dot O said...

Beautiful family, wonderful mom/grandmom...

Anonymous said...

AWESOME PICS, as always!!! ;o)


Anonymous said...

OOPS! I totally forgot to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN, K-KLAN!!! :)



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