Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Update

LOL...had my coffee and I'm feeling more perky as I type.

Karl is here and he decided to give Kolin a school break and took him here to cheer his big brother up.

Kody's got a whopper of a headache today. Dr. Gegg came in and quite possibly the new shunt, which is set to a medium setting, is holding in too much fluid. Since Kody has been so used to having pretty much no fluid at all, the extra fluid is possibly causing too much pressure.

In a little while the Dr. will be back to dial down his shunt so it will drain some fluid out of his ventricle and see if that helps the headache go away.

His nurse will be in soon also to teach me how to shampoo and properly care for his surgical site. He still needs to be unhooked from his vitals machines so he can give walking around a try. As of now, he's still real unbalanced.'s still unsure if he'll be released today. After the shunt is dialed down we'll give it some time and see.

My coffee man should be back any minute, so I'll get out of here for now. If there's any changes I'll be back.

Thanks again for checking in. :0)


peg said...

Glad to read everything is going ok! I hope Cody gets out today, home always heals the best!!

AmazingGraceTX said...

I'm sorry Kody's in pain. I hope you all get to go home today. You all are in my prayers.

Three Chicks and One Grumpy Dude said...

I just read through the last three updates and I am so glad to hear Kody is doing well and that you are hanging in there too. I live in the coffee/Starbucks capital of the world and if I could, I would send you all the coffee you want. I could even get you one from the original Starbucks if it would help make you feel better :)

Lauren said...

hope turning down the shunt makes a difference <3

hang in there kody, you'll be back to kicking butt in karate in no time!

Jenner said...

Always thinking of you - saying lots of prayers. Stay strong Kody! Love ya, Jen from WI

Anonymous said...

Keepin' my fingers crossed everything gets adjusted okay. And soon so Kody's headache goes away. And, if you have to spend another night at the hospital, please fold out that mini couch, Kim. :)

Will be back later...



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