Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hey Mother Nature, What's Up?

Hey Mother Nature..
What's going on?
Just a quick note to let you know that I've been having some serious tech issues with you these past couple of days and though I tried to overlook some of these seasonal problems since yesterday, I simply cannot tolerate today's totally unexpected....


This, I am sure is bound to cause unwanted virus's in all of our wimpy, thin blooded operating systems.
Please reboot and try again because to be quite frank here, this drop in temp is not supposed to happen until mid-January, maybe even February and definitely should never last more then a week or two.

This weather related outburst of yours is also causing extreme havoc on my so called "normal" daily routine. No longer am I able to flounder my way out of bed at first call. This crazy chill pill you've sent us is causing my rebellious, middle aged, brain to ignore all wake up calls to get out of bed. No amount of high octane coffee can tempt me to escape the quadruple pile blankets I now call my new BFFL's.
I've now graduated to a new grade of "It's too damn cold to be alive" cranky assness. My kids, sadly, feel the same way.

I do appreciate the fact that although we are freezing our Floridian buns off in the early hours of the morning, today we could throw our beloved flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts by 1 o'clock. That was a nice change from yesterday when you let that wind rip through our 18 layers of winter clothing, which BTW, is not real easy to purchase in Florida...what with bikini's and pool supplies still being sold on our Wal-Mart shelves.

Anywhos..if you could kindly bring back our 70 degree mornings and our 85 degree afternoons, I would really appreciate it, and so would everyone around me who is feeling the pinch of my hating to be cold, middle aged, rebel wannabe, cranky butt, soooooo much.

I do have to give you props and credit where credit is due, that sure was the most beautiful blue sky you sent here today. Keep up the good work girlfriend!


Britta and the 5 S's said...

I'm laughing here in Northeast Ohio! I tried to move to Florida and ended up moving back because I just couldnt handle the humidity, and that was in May! 45 would be warm here right now as it's only felt like it's in the 20's today with the wind chill. :-)

Anonymous said...


I guess I can sorta relate. I remember when our family came to FL one year for Christmas and we were all soooo excited about the nice(r) temps there would be. Well, wouldn't ya know it SNOWED and we had to run and buy sweatshirts cuz we were colder than we had planned on?! :)

Have a great day. Hope you got out of bed okay this morning, everyone!!

{In memory of my brother, Stan, whose birthday is today. Kim definitely helped me through that very rough time...thanks, again, Kim! :o) }

Dot O said...

Too funny, Kim. I guess it brings back some memories of your days living in New York.

I think it's supposed to warm up again this weekend, at least where I live, and hopefully it will do the same down your way.


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