Sunday, October 26, 2008

After DH Update

Like, WOW!
Desperate Housewives sure did explain alot tonight, huh? Loved it!! :0)

I thought I'd jump on tonight to say "HEY" before it turned too late, because quite honestly, if midnight gets here and I'm still up, I am gonna hatin' myself in the morning.

So, Alona came for a visit today. Since she moved away and is in the first grade and has all these soooooo important after school activities and girl play date things going on, she doesn't have much in the way of time for me. :0(
LOL...ahhh, actually she plans on making more of an appearance every Sunday or so, so hopefully next Sunday she'll pose in her new Halloween tutu that she and I put together today but never had time to wear {her, not me!!}.

I did happen to snap this quick photo and then she was off again, climbing on Kody's fort and busting water balloons with Kolin...

Did I mention water balloons? LOL,'s still warm enough during the afternoon. {{sorry}}

But...word has it we are supposed to start cooling down this week. :0)

Have a beautiful night everyone!!


Our Legacy Portraits said...

SHE IS ADORABLE!!!! Hope you have a wonderful week! xoxoxoxo

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

That's it - I'm moving in with y'all now. I can't wait for 4 years to get there. I'm cold already and you guys are playing with water balloons!!


Anonymous said...

I was still working at my job at 10 last DH for me! :(

My sister and bro-in-law just came back from FL and she said the weather was perfect. She was NOT happy to come to our weather forecast for this week, though. High temps will be in the low 40s and tomorrow night places above 1500' could get over 6" of snow...! Now THIS is WAAAAAY too early. Although, thinking back to the winter of '93, when we had snow on Halloween night and it NEVER went away til is possible!! :)

Cutie Pie Alona takes such great photos. Can't wait to see the Halloween ones of your whole brood!

{I have a confession, Kim...I was by late last night and since you didn't have a new post I decided to go back to April of this year. That's when my brother passed away, and even though I bawled like a baby, reading everything all over again, it was also a bit thereputic. You see, his birth date is this Thursday. I'm having a rather rough time of it, needless to say, but THANKS again for all you did back then. It was so comforting to re-read all of your comments, and the posts from people I've never met. :o) }

Hope you're all having a great Monday.



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