Thursday, October 23, 2008

We've Been Nominated!!

Well look at this awesome surprise I found tonight....

Looking Through The Glass has been nominated for a spiffy, cool, award...and we want it bad baby. :0)
Take a minute if you could, and go on over and give us a vote. Voting ends November 30th.

Thanks everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome news about your award nominitation!! :)

Did I miss an upate? HOW IS YOUR DAUGHTER? Have you talked to her yourself?

Been thinking of you constantly.


rocketbear said...

Link isn't working. But if you go to, click on parenting and go to the bottom of page 16, you can find your blog there. Make sure to register first so you can vote!!

How's your daughter doing? What a scary, scary accident!

Hugs to you all!



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