Friday, October 3, 2008

My Favorite Senior

Go Class of 2009!!!!

Given that this has been a crazy week with Kody's surgery going on..I didn't want to forget something else that's important too.
Kaysha's last homecoming week at her High School.
Since she's a senior now she has been totally into school and this week, even though she's been beside herself worried about Kody and still holding down a part time job, she's been having a blast at homecoming/school spirit week.

Let's see....she was in a parade, had a powder puff football game, dressed like Woodstock day, mix and match dress day, and today she wore her school colors proudly, which happens to be orange and black and ties in nicely to the whole Halloween theme so dressing crazy was not a problem.

Plus, she's been studying her butt off, working on the yearbook commitee, doing some school yearbook photos {Yeah..thats my girl!!} and looking forward to tomorrow night which is her last homecoming dance.

Lastly..because she is about the most awesome daughter and sister in the world, she's been helping around here, especially when I was in the hospital with Bear and although she might not be too happy I told you all this, when Kody got out of the car on Wednesday and she met him in the driveway...her eyes just welled up with tears as soon as she saw him. But, as cool sisters go, she wiped them off quick, took Kody by the arm and gently lead him straight inside and then she spoiled him rotten for the rest of the day. :0)

That was two days ago...when I say things are back to normal around here today..I know ya'all with teens siblings knows what I mean about that. ;0)

Have a GREAT day everyone!!!

PS. Kody seems to be getting a little bit better everyday and the best news..

His voice is getting better, louder and much clearer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPSS. More news..Kody has agreed to having some pic's taken today, but only if I let him wear a bandana over his surgical site.
Come on Bear...chicks dig scars Dude!!! LOL!!


Amy said...

I am so glad to hear that Kaysha is enjoing her senior year so much. I thought I was too cool when I was a senior and I missed out on so much. Hopefully she will have enough fun for me too.
Way to Kody, I can't say that I'm surprised about how well he's doing. He truly is a miracle!! Have a great weekend K's!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Kaysha's beautiful...

Kody's handsome...

Hell, the whole darn K family is gorgeous!! :)


Jenner said...

Happy Friday K's! So glad Kody is home and doing well. Kaysha - a senior? No way! Time flies. Enjoy your senior year girl! Love, Hugs, & Prayers, Jen from WI

Anonymous said...

Kim, you're too much! Only you could make a scar sound so awesome! But you're shows that you've been through something pretty big, and always has people's curiosity peaked.

Glad Kaysha's enjoying her last Homecoming week. WHEN DID I MISS (sorry..."forget"...) that she's a senior this year??? HOLEY COW!!!! (Now I'm itching again for those archive pics of Kody...when you do "find time" -- what's that? -- make sure you include some with Kolin & Kaysha too....they'll be great to see as well.) And, if Kaysha is reading this, PLEASE don't be upset at your mom for telling the whole world that you had tears in your eyes when you saw your little bro. I think that is AWESOME, and I got tears in my eyes, envisioning your tears! YOU GO GIRL -- YOU ARE A FANTASTIC BIG SISTER!!


Leeann said...


You are a gorgeous girl!

Keep doing well in school. :-)

Hey Kim, what are Kaysha's post-graduation plans?


Our Legacy Portraits said...

Enjoy every minute of it Kaysha!!! I had a blast my Senior year and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!
Kody - I am so glad you are starting to feel better. We have been praying for you. Kim - don't forget that you need rest too!! Try not to wear yourself out doing everything. Take Care and sending tons of hugs your way!

christie said...

She's a beauty Kim !! What a special year for her :)
Glad to hear Kody is doing so well :)

Have a great weekend K family !!

Anonymous said...

Kaysha is absolutely beautiful.




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