Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We Made It Through The Night


Kody's night was great and of course filled with so much fun.
Nurses coming in every hour. Temp. one hour, BP the next, asking if he's in pain the next.
Rest? Ummmm...not so much.
At 1:30 I thought I had heard Kody ask the nurse to order him up some food, chicken tenders and fries. Then I thought, "I'm dreaming this, I have to be".
Sure enough we get a knock on the door at 2 AM...yep, someone with a tray of just cooked tenders.
He never did wake up to eat it, heck, he doesn't even remember asking for it.

Last night, late last night when exhaustion finally set in big time, I crawled into this tiiiiiiny sofa and crashed.
This morning I was asked something like 4 times if I knew it folded out.
SIGH....I did, but in my fatigue I figured how bad could it be.
Bad.....Ouch...that's all I have to say.

Other then that, Kody's been sleeping on and off alot. His Dr. should be in real soon to see him and fingers crossed we will be going home today.

The coffee room is being cleaned and I'm updating blog this morning with no caffeine at all, an achey breaky back, mascara racoon eyes, a little crankiness and a slight migraine.


Talk to ya'all later on. Have a great day all!!

PS. Not complaining though...cuz Kody Bear rocks my world. :0)

PPSS. I bribed and begged the kids breakfast room service to send some coffee..the nice lady on the phone said she's do her best to sneak me one. Bless her heart.

PPPSSS. Holy crap, room service just showed up with Kody's stuff and COFFEE!!!!!

PPPSSS. Karlio, please bring more, one is never enough. :0)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad the night went well. Order me up a Diet Coke and I'll come hang out with you!!

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Bear had a great night, Sorry Kim that your night stunk but maybe Karl will bring you up a FRAPPACHINO and a HUG and all will be better soon!!! Love, Marci

Our Legacy Portraits said...

Hello Sweet Kim!! Just thinking about you and praying Kody feels better soon. I would send you coffee in a heartbeat if I were closer.. Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the tiny couch...

I don't drink coffee, but am sure hoping the hospital's was good and that Karl brought some too!! :)

Glad to hear Kody had a good night, "tenders" and all.



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