Saturday, May 22, 2010

Football Camp

This morning we all woke up fairly early, got ready and were out the door quick.
It's Saturday? Why? Why? Why?

Well, because Kolin has decided he wants to play football this year and he wants to play bad. He has been eating, living and breathing it for quite some time now, so when the boys decided they needed a break from 4 1/2 years of constant martial arts training, I told them it would be OK...but....they weren't going to become couch taters.

No worries, Kolin loves football and Kody is all about weight lifting/body building.

Anyway, there we were on the field before 10 AM and already it was HOT {90 degrees or more} out in that direct sun.

We made it though and Kolin, of course, rocked it. :0)

The coaches were very impressed by his speed, stamina and respectfulness. They can't wait to have him on a team.

Here's a few snaps from today.






Come August, Kolin will be on a Pop Warner traveling football team and out lives will once again get busy...busy..BUSY.
But, hey...we wouldn't ever want it any other way. To us it means things are running great and the kids are healthy. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

I had to chuckle, looking at all the boys in the background. It's like they are checking out the new kid on the team! :)

Have to say, though, there's nothing like football in the nights and autumn leaves all over the ground (at least come September)! =)

I'm sure Kolin will be great at football!

Amy said...

Very cool for Kolin! When are your boys out of school? Our poor kiddos don't get out until June 10th. Of course the remaining days are filled with fun, field trips, and treats - so they're not complaining....yet!
Happy Sunday K's.

Amy said...

Way to go Kolin! Do we have a future Jet's superstar? My money's on it!


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