Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tomaters Of The Cherry Variety

Vinny, my man, my main man, my hunka burnin' luv, grower of all things eatable.
He grew this and many more just like them...


Me, Isabella Sophia, Vinny's Woman, Killer of all things plantable.
I am not allowed in any way shape of form to touch these. Photograph them under his supervision, yes, but mess with them and he'll mess with me.

Vinny don't like nobody messin' with his stuff.

"This is the life I have chosen....This is the life I have chosen....This is the life I have chosen."

~*~Mafia Wives Chant~*~


Have a great day everyone.



Amy said...

Rock on Vinny - you do good work! There's nothin' like a homegrown tomato.

Shiela in NY said...

YUMMM!!! Those maters look great! Lucky you. Here we northerners are just about to put our plants in the ground!!!


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