Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6 Kids And Quitting

I've been asked quite a few times recently "Hey, what about the other kids? What's going on with the rest of your crazy family?"

Well, cuz I love you all and cuz you all hung out with me during the whole Kim/Karlio/marraige/AA update recently, today I am going to give you the mother of all updates from the mother of all the peeps who need updating on.

Go pee, grab a drink, sit back and enjoy...but please remember it's all about keeping it real here, so don't be offended by anything I say.
We love you's, you's loves us. We're all family. We're just not your typical average blend in with the Jones' type family.
We have issues and we're cool with that.
We're also insanely lovable and we're cool with that too.

This is me, I'm Kim or as I'm known around here, "Isabella" or "Izzy" and on most days "Dizzy" or "Dizzy Izzy". This picture reflects me needing to touch up those roots...BAD!


This is my pyscho husband, Karl, or as you all know him, "Karlio" or as I call him, "Vinny". {hey, we are married and it's all about the role playing you know}. You can't see much of him, I don't get to see much of him either, Vinny works a lot.


Vinny doesn't like to be messed with. You mess with Vinny, you swim with the fishes. {role playing is so much fun, hehe}

Together we have six crazy, insane, over the top but fun to be around kids.

First we have Karyelle, or as we have always called her, "KK".
KK lives in NY, has a great career, is completely independent and vacations three times a year. We get to see her two out of those three.
She loves Kody the most. It's OK, the others have their faves too.

Second is Kayara.
Kayara married Travis and had Alona who will be 8 in June.
Then they got divorced and she met Arthur. They had Adriana who will be 3 in August and now they all live happily in South Florida.
I MISS MY GRAND BABIES!!!! Just sayin'....
FYI, Kolin is her fave.

Third we have Kyle James a/k/a Vinny Jr. God only knows this kid will need a blog entry all to himself but to make it short and sweet and in keeping it all real, let's just say this...

A few years ago Kyle got off drugs by landing himself in jail. When he got out he met Meghan. Meghan and Kyle had themselves a big Gothic wedding and not long after that he violated his probation and ultimately went left us for a five year vacation in prison leaving behind a pregnant wife. Just when things couldn't get any more worse, Damian James was born listing Kyle as the baby's Daddy. DNA tested proved Damian is not his son. Till this day Damian's birth certificate still lists him as the father. V Man and I have POA for Kyle and are getting that fiasco straightened out.
During this time, Kyle rekindled an old friendship with Beverly whom I consider my daughter and together they fell in love and she is perfectly happy to wait till 2013 for him. He btw is divorcing Meghan.
Since this is the short and sweet version, I'll give Kyle his claim to fame when on another day soon I'll give him the blog for the day.
I love that boy with all my heart, I just don't love what he's done with his life thus far. I know he will grow up one day, sadly he had to do most of his growing up behind razor wire.
But that's life and nobody has ever said life is fair.

Our fourth as you all know is Kaysha a/k/a Catalina.


Contrary to stupid idiotic rumors claiming she wears scrubs Halloween costumes, she really is practicing for her CNA license and tomorrow morning at 9 AM will be taking her State test. After that she is on to get her MA license. Who knows what the world will bring for her, but I do know after a rough start, only good things await that girl. Her sassiness gets her pretty much anything she wants and works for.

Our fifth kidlet, Kody a/k/a Vito.

KodyMyBear 023 copy

As you know he is awesome, beautiful and a survivor. He loves school, his teachers, his friends and is now interested in pursuing community service to help, if he can, change the life of others less fortunate.
There will be more coming on that soon, I promise. :0)

Lastly we have Kolin a/k/a Victor.


Adorable, devious, funny and smart. You know how everyone says you save the best for last? In our case, I really believe I did. That boy just knows how to make me laugh, not just laugh but really from the gut laugh.
I have some awesome news about Kolin to share, but much like Kody yesterday...Kolin get's his time tomorrow.

I hope that's answered a few questions and tidied up some loose ends.

Have a beautiful day everyone and thanks for hanging with me through the craziness, the realness, the everything...YOU ROCK!!



Dot O said...

Wow.... your plate has really been full for so long, but you just keep swimming....

Hugs and prayers for you sent from me for all good things to be thankful for and for the not-so- good things to only get better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on everyone. I'm sorry that Kyle has chosen a rougher road to follow but he is a member of the K family and all of you are tremendous fighters. I believe that he will overcome this rough start. I have only been following you for a few years so I guess I am more "invested" in the three younger kids. I am so proud of all of them! You all define the meaning of family and I love how you all rally around each other when someone needs help and you celebrate each other's victories with fervor. You and Karl are awesome parents. Congratulations.


Margie said...

Glad everybody is doing so well. Congratulations Kody. Tell KK I'll be praying for her test.

Amy said...

We all have "baggage" Kim, and I admire you for your authentic posts!
You all stick together through thick and thin no matter what stumbling blocks get thrown into your path, and when all is said and done, family is what matters most!
I'm glad to get to know you and your family, even if just in cyberspace. It's always comforting to know that we're not alone in our struggles and joys!
Keeping it Real....Hugs to you...

Shiela in NY said...

You know how they say we all have SOME relative we are embarrassed about at family gatherings? It's the great Aunt that acts odd, or the parents who are split but can't be civil in the same room, or the cousin who has been in trouble? Your family just shows that if anything -- no matter how big or small -- doesn't go "perfect" (whatever THAT is!) you still love each other unconditionally. Period.

You have every right to be proud of all your kids, Karl and Kim. You are willing to share the deepest secrets and that can prove one thing: it can helps others along the way.

Good luck to Kaysha ... taking that test right now!!! :) You know my thoughts are especially with Kyle and even though he's had a set back he is still working at improving his life (by divorcing his wife and proving that he is not the father of her child). Two things to check off the "To Do List" so that when he is able to be on his own he doesn't have to consume his time taking care of those things.

Thanks for Keepin' it Real with all of your cyber friends. :)

Love ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Appreciate you being honest and upfront about everyone. Praying that Kyle comes out and chooses a smarter path.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I hope we can see pics of Adriana and Alona soon. I am sure they are growing fast. Tell Kyle we are pulling for him!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update Kim!!! The K family are fighters and I know you all will continue to grow and conquer all that comes your way. I think of Kyle often so thank you for updating on him - everytime I see a photo of Kolin I can't get over how much he looks like Kyle. Thanks again for updating us on your kick a#@ family
Hugs from Missouri,

Jenner said...

Thanks so much for the update. I've been wondering how all your kids are doing. Thanks for keepin' it real. Good luck to Kaysha on her test. Congrats to Kody for his award. Sending Love, Hugs and Prayers to you all - you are one awesome family!
~Jen from WI

Anonymous said...

Wow did not know all the drama behind the computer screen but so happy that all is relatively well. I am sure in the furture things will work out one way or the other and i think you and your outlook on life is what keeps this blog so interesting. You do not moan and groan oh me or oh my..you keep your head up and push on pushing on!!! I love all your posts short or long. Been an avid reader for so many years..thru the ups and the downs and still love them all!!! I am so jealous of your weather though because here in nb canada it has been brutal this spring..one day the ac is on and the next day the furnace is running on high!! Good God!! All the best!! From one Kim to another Kim


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