Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did You Miss Me? I Missed You!

I am so, so sorry I hadn't been doing any update at all.

UGH...crazy week. My eye's have been going completely weird on me. Horrible vision like something is just plain wrong. Then, between Slimfast and stressing out about absolutely nothing, I managed to drop seven quick pounds. Which, I not a bad thing at all. LOL!

Anyway, Kody's HS orientation went great. He is real excited to start a new chapter in his life. I on the other hand, am pretty freaked about the whole thing. Leesburg HS campus is a half mile long. I mean, seriously it is huge.
I gotta get over that...OK, I will. I'll try. I promise. :0)
About Bear. He seems really interested in ROTC drill team. So, I hope he get's to be a part of it although his long locks will have to be cut off. I'm not loving that much. :0(

Everyone else is doing great and not much to report on. School is down to it's final few weeks.
Oh..Kody is up for an award this Monday morning. I don't remember if I had already mentioned it. {CRS kickin' in, sucks getting old}
We have no idea what he got but we'll find out Monday.
His 8th grade graduation is June 9th. Camp starts in July for him this year.

Kolin will be joining Pop Warner football this year. Football camp for him will be next Saturday morning. OK..I got to make a confession. I honestly thought it was today, so I got everyone up early, showered, fed, dressed and on that football field by 9:50 only to find it empty.
I left the coach's number on the land-line caller ID so I had to run back home to get it, call, find out it's next Saturday, store it in my cell and then rush back to pick up Kolin and Kaysha who I left at the field, just in case someone showed up.
What a day, the kidlets are not pleased with my forgetfulness these days. LOL!

Mom's Day was fantastic and I hope yours was too. :0)
I woke up to coffee {oh yea!} and then later on this delicious breakfast, which I could eat everyday for the rest of my life if only it didn't have 17 million calories in it...


God, I LOVE a man that can cook. :0)

The kidlet's and my man gave me a gift certificate for a pedi which I promptly and lovingly used the next day.
They also gave me a new tripod {mine broke months ago} and a new cell phone clip. Sweet!!
They also gave me lots of down time and spoiled me rotten. I love those peep's of mine. :0)

Well, my day is looking busy again, phones are ringing and Kolin has decided to get on the PS3 MW2. Right at this very moment it sounds like there is a war in my living room. LOL!

Love you all...have a great day!!



Shiela in NY said...

Glad to see you're all okay. So sorry about the forgetfulness, Kim, but if it makes you feel better I did LOL about you having the kids up, showered, and to the ball field this morning!! (Sorry, kids...!) =)

I was up and picking up trash around our town by 8 AM. It's Keep (our town) Clean Day today and volunteers pour out by the dozens and get street assignments to help clean up our town. It's part of Earth Day stuff. Feels good, but not 30 minutes after I bent over picking up HUNDREDS of cigarette butts I found one when I came across the street from our library. Let me tell ya, that particular person is SOOOOOO lucky I didn't see them throw that butt on the ground!! LOL!

Sounds like the boys are already gearing up for summer break. I tell ya - between swim/summer rec/camps my head is spinning trying to figure out which kid can go where, and when!

LOVE the looks of that Mother's Day breakfast!! Especially those strawberries. YUMMMMM!!

Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

Of course we missed you Kim! It's great to have you back in the blogsphere.
Sorry to hear of your poor week, but your Mother's Day sounded grand. If only my husband would take that initiative - not that I'm complaining, because we did go out to eat.
Have an awesome rest of your weekend - I'll be checking back.


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