Wednesday, May 26, 2010

War Heads Pops

Here's the scenario...

Dad a/k/a Karlio a/k/a {what I call him} Vinny "The Body" Provolone goes out to the store to pick up some coffee creamer.
Because he and I share the same fondness for practical jokes on our beloved kidlets, he comes home with, hazelnut creamer, Capt. Crunch cereal, green olives, passion fruit shampoo and conditioner, Irish Spring man soap and oh yea...
War Heads Extremely Sour Ice Pops.

When the kidlets came home from a long day at school, studying, learning and playing outside in the extremely humid Florida sunshine, we sat them down outside and handed out some ice pops.
What a great Dad, huh?

This is what happens when you give one unsuspecting son Kolin, a/k/a Victor "The Sandman" Provolone a very sour treat, when he was expecting a very sweet treat...



Have a great day everyone!!

PS. More on the Provolone family coming soon, well an explanation anyway. :0)



Amy said...

From one Krazy K-Family to another....Kolin, you crack me up!!! Great job getting that expression Kim.

Shiela in NY said...

Yeah, I was wondering where Provolone came from...hadn't heard that one before! :)

FUNNY picture!! I just found soda flavored freezer pops. They've got everything nowadays!!


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