Sunday, October 28, 2007

Where The Heck Did The Weekend Go?, soooo sorry...but with between kids home on vacation, halloween parties and Desperate's been C*R*A*Z*Y!!

I'll be back on tomorow...for real.

In the meantime...Good Lordie, will someone just put Gabrielle and Carlos back together for good?

One more of the "Gothic Bear" and I'm out for tonight. :0)

See ya'all tomorrow, have a GREAT night!

Love, Kim


Christie said...

Love the close-up ..dang I forgot to tivo Desperate Housewives last night :( It looks like it's just starting to get good :D

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome costume! I LOVE it!!!

Olympia, WA

Debbie B in Ohio said...

It's hard to see Kody Bear dressed like that, since he's such a sweet boy!! LOL.. Great costume!!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture. I agree with you on DH. It's about time they just tell everyone!!

Lauren said...

love it!
i think i saw that coat at hot topic in the halloween section :)


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