Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Never Make A Bet WIth Kolin

Kolin is Kody's lil' brother.

Kolin is the last of the litter of six.

Kolin is one slick Dude.

Kolin also rocks with a bow and arrow.

Never go to camp and make a bet with Kolin on the archery range.

This could be you....

Yeah...I'm at a loss for words too. :0/

Later Gators!!

Love, Kim a/k/a One Very Bummed NY Yankees Fan


Anonymous said...

LOL - GREAT pic of Kody. And "good for him" that he even LET you take the photo!! :o)

I, too, am a pretty bummed NY Yankees fan. :(

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...


Where did Kody find my bridesmaid' dress?? It is the exact dress and color! Haven't seen it since that fateful day almost 13 years ago. Good God!!! That doesn't seem possible.

I'm sure he won't appreciate it, but its just his color. Only he could make it look cool!

Glad Boggy Creek was awesome as ususal.

Oh and did Kaysha actually escape from the house for Homecoming? I figured Karl would lock her up as awesome as she looks in the pics!

Take care of ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Hysterical!!!! Thanks for making me laugh this morning.


Jen L from WI said...

LOL! Way to go Kolin! And way to go Kody for sticking to your end of the bet. Thanks for the smile today. Love u guys!

rocketbear said...

OMG!! Warn someone before you post that! I just about fried my laptop when I spit ice tea all over the place. I can't believe he was a good sport and let you take that pix. Let alone post it!! Thanks so much for the laughs!!

Lauren said...

it brings out the color of your eyes, kody ;)

and yes, that is a d40 :)
i got the kit :D

if kolin ever wants to talk archery, let me know... i used to be one of the archery counselors at a camp here in connecticut! i also taught nature :)

Leeann said...

That is really freaking funny! I always knew I was a Kolin fan!

Cheyenne said...

Whoops! He still looks cute.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kody...that will make him think twice...or just get the wheels turning on how to get him back! He looks great!


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