Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sourpuss Part Two

Sure does run in the family, doesn't it..

I'll try updating again tonight...I have had MAJOR issues trying to get on Blogger today. Comcast won't work, Mozilla Firefox bit the's taken hours, tears, downloads, and lots of strong coffee just to get back on here.

You know, come to think of it..I feel alot like Adriana right about now.
I just wanna sit here and give this internet thing "The Lip". :0)

Love yaz!!



Debbie B said...

What a beautiful red head! I have a red headed grand son. Girl, look out!! LOL..Red heads are something. She's getting big fast!!!
Don't ya just LOVE computers?
Love ya,
Debbie B

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely the most beautiful little girl...that lip service is nothing new around our house and we don't even have red heads. Good luck with the computer issues...sometimes it is easier to throw them out the window!
Verona, WI

Anonymous said...

Ah - she's got the bird poop lip just like Alex :) Oh my I love that red hair. What a beautiful little baby she is.
Hugs from Missouri,

Jeri from Hawaii said...

What a BEAUTIFUL grandbaby! Our first is due next month, hopefully she'll be a looker like your little cutie.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Adriana's growing right up on us! (Looks just like Uncle Kolin with that lip!) :o) Her hair is beautiful! My kids were all LIGHT blonde and pretty much bald until at least 12 months!! Only peach fuzz on their heads!! :)

Sure hope the reason you weren't back online last night was b/c of more pc probs. Have a great day!


Lauren said...

oh my goodness!
that red HAIR!
i'm jealous! :)


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