Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Green Day

I love this kid of mine..I love him alot.
I love him so much that I'd like to share a little useless trivia with you all this morning.

Kolin is my last of the litter...a litter of six.

Karl has brown eyes, the same color as Kody's and I have one blue eye and another that is half blue and half brown {but thats another story for another day}.
With the exeption of my new grandaughter, nobody in our family has inherited sapphire blue eyes.

I have always wanted a blue eyed child.

I tried..over and over but all I got was brown eyed tikes. Now, some of those kiddo's went from blue {which always excited me, you have no idea} to brown {which thrilled their Dad to no end} to hazel..which I suppose is a happy medium between the two.
Three of our kid's kept their brown peepers.
Two went hazel.

I thought for sure this last baby of mine would give me the dream of a blue eyed baby. I wasn't about to stop until I got one.
However...Karl had a few ideas of his own..and adding to the kid collection after 6 wasn't going real well with the likes of him.

I never did get my blue eyed baby boy, but somehow, someway we did end up with this green eyed beauty. I'm telling ya...when Kolin is out in the sunshine, his eyeballs just light right up, they sparkle emerald like a dang shamrock on St. Pat's Day.

So..this set of photos today, I'll call "Green Day", becuase he kind of has the green pattern going for him.
Green eyes.
Green shirt.
Green hat.
Green gum.
Green face.

Gotta love boys, and lots of saop and warm water. :0)

Have a great one everyone!!

Love, Kim


MarlaCharles said...

Love the pics. I have a blue eyed little boy I will loan you on his bad days! lol


Kimberlee said...

The pics are great!! I have the same eyes as you!!! And the same name also!!!

Jen from WI said...

Love the pics. Kolin, your eyes are gorgeous! My bf has hazel eyes with brown in the center and I think they're dreamy. Have a great day!

Melissa said...

Hey, my mom has one blue eye and one half blue/brown...as a kid I used to bring my friends over to look at it like she was an exhibit in a freak show! HA! Luckily she didn't mind...

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie!

Lisa Paredes


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