Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Been Punked Lately?

Punked out, Punk Rock Style that is. :0)

Yep...it's confirmed, some nights I just have waaaayyy to much time on my hands.
I sit up thinking of what I can do to keep busy, between watching all my favorite Style channel shows and yelling at the boys to "Knock it off and got to sleep!".

Anywhos..there is a point to this, this is what I started coming up with in my midnight madness of staying awake..

That thing on top is supposed to be a "mowhawk", and it will be...today I am going to wrack that teeny brain of mine figuring out how to get the hawk to stand up staight.
Wish me luck, please. LOL!!

Not too much else new here...I do have some Kody news though.

I spoke to Neurology just a little while ago and the good news is his Doc there is almost positive that Kody's newest problems {the zoning out/confusion/clumsiness/loss of voice/autistic qualities} is caused by his tic medication, Orap.
This wouldn't account for the morning headaches or actually the headaches that come whenever he lays down.

The bad news..
We have to decrease the Orap until he is completely free of any traces of it and unfortuently his tics, speech, jaw tics will most likely come back full force.
He may also lose the ability to hold things in his right hand, which is exactly what happened last spring when his tics were at frull force.
I know this may some horrible, but when Kody's tics were at it's worst...we honestly thought he had a stroke, it was that bad.
Though not life threatening....it will be socially threatening for him. When it happens, he'll have to be hospital homebound all day instead of the half day that he does now.

We'll bring him back to Neurology on December 12th to see his Neurology Doctor, who unfortunetly will be retiring and his last day will be the same day he see's Kody Bear.
This is a pretty big blow to our family because Dr. Polack is an AWESOME doctor and really takes the time out to personally talk to us whether we are there in his office or over the phone.
You just don't see that anymore these days.

Other then that...things continue to rock on for us, one day at a time, one hour at a time.
You know our motto..

"Just Keep Swimming...Just Keep Swimming".

OK, I'm out for now. Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Love, Kim


MarlaCharles said...

Just popping in to let you know that Kody is in my thoughts and prayers (as are all of you guys all the time). How is the baby doing since they made the changes?

As far as the mohawk standing up, if you trimmed the yarn to a shorter length would it stand up better?

Have a great day!

Lauren said...

i hope they can find another medicin for kody... i saw a special on discovery health a long time ago about a girl who had tics and they implanted something on her skull and her tics went away... i wish i could remember what she had or what they used to stop her tics. my friend dave has touretts so maybe that's what this girl had.

and as for the amazing punk hat, have you tried to srpay the top with hairspry to make it stand up?

rocketbear said...

Kim ~ Big hugs, lady!! You all are so stronger to 'just keep swimming'.

I agree that shorter yarn will make it stand up. Otherwise, pipe cleaners or heavy starch is all I can think of! ROFL

Anonymous said...

How about using some of that spray starch in a can? Just an idea.

Postcard Cindy

Debbie B in Ohio said...

Awesome hat, reminds me of a rooster!! But I am from SC, and we are the Gamecocks, so when I saw the black and red, I thought of them.
Kody Bear and your entire family are in my nightly prayers. I too, hope they find another way to rid Kody of the tics. I know it must be hard.
God Bless~

Jackie said...

I think shorter yarn will make it stand up better, that's what we used to do with yarn pom poms anyways!
I gotta go look at your infant boys hats, my grandson won't leave a hat on... he's had four ear infections in 10 weeks. :( He keeps outsmarting his hats!

Hope everyone in the K family is feeling pretty super today!

Linda Resinger said...

Hi Kim! You know my thoughts and prayers are with you and the "K" clan.

BTW, my blondness has really shone through lately. How many times have I been to your blog and just saw today that there is a place to comment??? D U H!! I gotta have coffee.........gotta have coffee!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey, K-Klan! I decided to check a few of your posts. (I just can't wait, now that I'm back online!) Just so you know, I could tell that red "thing" on the top of Kolin's hat was a mohawk! I'm anxious to see if you figured out how to keep them all standing up straight!!

I'm sorry to hear your doctor is retiring. I KNOW how good it feels to find a doctor that will actually listen and not rush you. We have a couple that we go to and LOVE that! Is your doctor going to refer you to someone? I imagine he'll pick someone with his same ethics. I sure hope this all works out okay. I am sure it is nerve-wracking, and can be hard for Kody socially, but it sounds like they need to find something else for him to take. Just when you had the great news of no tumor. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this, but I KNOW Kody will do it (and ALL of the K-Klan) in True K-Klan Fashion & Grace!!!



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