Thursday, October 25, 2007

For The Huggers Of The World....

Because everyone needs a little "Squeeze" every once in a while..

This week, in Fruitland Park Elementary, one 4th grade teacher asked her kids to bring in a picture of themselves to hang on the classroom door.
While all the kids in the class were blurting out..
"Oh, I have a cute one with my dog, my kitten, my hampster, etc..."

Only one kid sat there quietly, with that devious Grinchlike smile on his cute lil' face, dreaming of the picture that would be the talk of the school.

Guess which kid that was? :0)

We wish you a beautiful day today!
Now go on out and give someone ya love a big ole' Boa Constrictor kind of squeeze.

Love Kim and Kolin and Houdini and Korey Taylor. :0)


Christie said...

Oh my gosh .. I get creeped out by snakes but that is one awesome picture!!! I can't even imagine what the other kids/teachers thought :D


Anonymous said...

Kolin, you're a little devil!!GREAT PIC!!!!!!!! :o)


Lisa said...

Wow - what beautiful snakes ( and a cool looking boy!) A couple of years ago I was at a local conservation park for my work, writing about the local projects they've got going. Anyway I begged litterally begged to hold a snake because it was way up on my 'life's little wish list' and after much hooing and haaing I was told I could but only after everyone had gone. It was called a Giant...something. Anyway, I was **so** excited, and braced myself for the weight and they brought out this twiddly little thing which I had to pose with. She was amazing but not...big enough, I wanted my knees to sag under the weight of a mighty creature, ha ha. Anyway, looks like Kolin had the best picture in the classroom. Love and prayers for you all.

rocketbear said...

Wow!! Snakes totally creep me out but look at that smile. I'll bet he has the whole school talking about that one!! BTW, have I mentioned lately that you are an AWESOME photographer?? :o)

Mary(miniteasets) said...

Oh the heebie jeebie girls aren't going to like that picture! LOL
I bet Kolin has the most original picture in the class !

Dana said...

I think there should be some kinda warning system when it comes to viewing snake pitures. The last totally freaked me out and I spit soda out my nose!

But what else would I expect from the K crew??

Anonymous said...

Hello K family,
I just had some trouble posting a comment so hopefully this one will work. Kolin, you're such a hottie! That picture rocks and so do you! Kody, you're still my hero and you totally rock too! :) I hope there is an easy solution to all of this. You are amazing for being able to handle this as well as you do. Love, prayers, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis


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