Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Just When You Think Things Are Going Great

Darn if Kody's eye and face tic's came back. :0(
So, today...in the middle of a very rain filled, gray, ugly, hurricane's a-comin' kind of day, we'll have to get him strep tested again to see if that virus is back to attacking his brain.
He's miserable...just plain downright miserable.

Other then that...it's just another day.
The kitchen is leaking like mad, we all woke up late, Kyle James had dental surgery yesterday and he is in alot of pain, looks like Karl isn't getting the job he interviewed for and wanted so badly last week.

Ever just have one of those days?

Starbucks...TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry things are rough for you right now....maybe there is a BETTER job out there waiting for Karl! :0)'


Jaime T. said...

Hope your day gets better soon!

Hope Kody's tics hit the road ASAP!

Hope Kyle's mouth feels better! (I've been there - it will get better soon...)

Hope Karl gets a BIGGER and BETTER job than the one he'd applied for!

Hope the sun comes out!

Hope your roof stops leaking!

Hope the K Family has some brighter days ahead!

Hope you got your Starbucks!

SeaJay said...

So sorry kiddo. Wish there was a way to make the world right. You so deserve it. Love and hugs, CJ and Ashley

Patty M said...

Just keep swimming.....things will get better... :-)

Lauren said...

oh no... i hope everyone feels better soon.
i have a friend who has touretts... he calls it the "ugly cousin of ocd"
he somehow got his tics under control with meds... i know kody has something different than touretts but i hope his tics can get under control as well!

and feel free to send some of that rain my way... our grass is just about dead from our compleate lack of rain!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kim....Sorry Kody's symptoms are coming back. Sure hope the strep test gave you answers. Also sorry Karl didn't get the job. We had an awful truck wreck up here -- fire/death -- and I couldn't help but think of Karl and what he witnessed in AZ. He WILL find the job he wants, even if it changes from the one he interviewed for last week.

I'm glad you got to enjoy your Sunday night, though. (Sorry...I don't watch DH so I have "no comment"! :) )

Hope today is better...


Michelle said...

Hi, Kim. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Wish I could do more but God can do it all for you. Trust in Him and He'll see you thru it all. He has definitely kept his hand on Kody and will continue. Put your faith in Him.


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