Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Sunday!

I didn't want to be known as the "Blogger Slacker" {that's for you Sheila!} so I thought I'd stop by and say "Hey" to ya'all.


I wish I would have had the time to stop in all day but I have been sooooo busy because tomorrow I am launching a new line of the cutest hats ever.
This collection, believe it or not, was inspired by my gumball machine Karl brought home a few days ago.

Every skull hat will be the colors of gumballs...with a big ole' flower sewed right on.
They are reall cute, really..I wouldn't kid ya. :0)

Anywhos...I'll be having them up on From My Heart To Your Head

Plus, to make it even sweeter...I'm also posting a sale, yep sale..I love sales and I know you do too! :0)

So...that's why I haven't posted anything all day..becuase my fingers are numb, I think I have carpul tunnel, my eyes are ready to fall out my head.
But I can't stop...I am addicted to crocheting hats! LOL!!

Oh, before I take off...Alona will be here this coming weekend for pictures, finally!
Since she started big girl school this year, and after school care, and activities..I don't get to see her as much as I'd like to anymore.
Kayara and her ex husband share custody and it seems latley that everytime she has is either storming out badly {and who wants to drive in that, yuck!} or someone has had the stomach flu.
This weekend she is all mine which means by Monday, she'll be all yours too. :0)

OK, gotta run and pick Kaysha up.

Later Gators!!

Love, Kim

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Anonymous said...

OMG, Kim...I feel like I'm a week behind!! I got on early this morning to "catch up", since I hadn't been by since Saturday night (I THINK that's the day I actually stopped by TWICE!!) and as your site was uploading I sat here thinking, "You know, it still seems so odd to be checking in on the K-Klan so often...but Kim's so doggone good about updating every day..."

Low and behold...the site popped up and you had the comment about the Update Slacker. You made me roll right out of my chair!! :o) Then I had to leave for most of the day and when I tried to post earlier this evening it wouldn't let me. So...I'm back!! :P

I can't wait to catch up and read the rest of your updates. I tell ya...I'm really addicted!!


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