Monday, October 8, 2007

Take A Look At This Face...

Can somebody please, please explain to me how someone with such a sweet face, can drive me soooo crazy!!
Is it because she is 16 and knows it all or is it that I am 40 something and I know absolutely nothing?

Can we start a "Mom's of 16 year olds" support group? I really would like to join. :0)

Have a great one!!


PS. Debbie..the picture is coming. I'm just needing to do a lil' more photoshop botox and Jenny Craig treatments. LOL!!


Lauren said...

LOVE the dress... but where did the bright orange hair from the previous picture go?

and those shoes sure aren't converse lol :)

Debbie B in Ohio said...

She looks so innocent!!!! LOL.. I raised 3 teenagers, 2 of them girls and both teenagers at the same time, so I feel your pain. They are all grown up now, and mommy's. One has 3 kids the other has 4, so I am sure they will be paid back...LOL.. Sometimes I wish I could re live some of those hectic days.
She looks so pretty.
OK, I am waiting but no fair to photoshop yourself...LOL..
Love ya,
Debbie B

Cheyenne said...

When my daughter was a pre-teen I once said I wanted to lock her in a closet and not let her out till she was 21 or so. That was quite some time ago, and she has turned out OK. No, I didn't lock her in a closet. But, boy, it came darn close at times.

rocketbear said...

I tell my boys that they are going to be lucky to make it out of the house alive. My oldest is 16 and pretty much attitude free now but the years between 11-15....we weren't so sure! ;) I have another 15 yr old that barely makes it through some days. They look so sweet sleeping, don't they?? LOL

I always love your pix of your kids. They are awesome. No Botox and Jenny Craig needed, woman! We see those beautiful kids. We know your stunning. Stop hiding. We promise not to feel too badly about ourselves afterwards. ;)

Kate said...

Kim- I have 5 more days til Alexis is 16 and I am right there with you!!! A support group sounds good to me!!! Especially for 16 year old GIRLS!!! Helloooooo- hormones!!! Oh my! ~Kate

Anonymous said...

I am not a mom of a 16 year old...yet. My dd just turned 4 and yet I feel like an idiot half the time because her phrase to everything is "I know dat already!". She also rolled her eyes at daddy when she was 10 months old....he told her not to touch the DVD player and she rolled her little baby eyes and sat down! Please let me join the club because I am pretty sure I will need a support group when she hits 12! I wish I could post a pic of would know what I was talking about with just one look!
Sheri from Verona, WI

MarlaCharles said...
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MarlaCharles said...

I think my favorite picture is the one where she is looking up, like she is soooooooo bored with this lol. So 16ish.



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