Sunday, October 7, 2007

So This Is Love

I take my camera everywhere..I have to, it's an obsession.
Today, I didn't because it was raining again and I just didn't want to risk taking it out in the wet stuff.
How I wish I had taken it anyway.

OK, this morning I let Karl know that I had to get myself over to Wal-Mart..I'm making hats and matching scarves by the hour and I needed more supplies.

Now, because Karl's not real fond of my shopping alone {go figure?}, he likes to go with me. He thinks it's like a real date when we leave the young uns' home.

So...there we were, in the yarn and fabrics dept. at our local Leesburg Wal-Mart.
Please close your eyes for a moment and imagine this...

Karl holding 8 skeins of pretty colored yarn, 4 skeins of fun fur, helping me look for a size "P" hook, asking the woman in charge of the yarning dept., when they will be getting a delivery of more colors, he's picking though, looking for and pointing out colors that I may not have but may want to try when suddenly, out of nowhere...

One of his garage customers goes walking by and sees him.

He still has that long hair down to his butt, he's covered in tattoos, he wears big black boots and he's carrying pretty yarns in lots of colors.
They exchanged "Hi's" and then the best was yet to come when his customer asked where to find the craft dept., and Karl actually lead them in the right direction.

Then he found the last skein of confetti yarn in existence and he did it without complaining not once.

Now that's love, don't you think? :0)



Debbie B from Ohio said...

That's love my friend, and you are lucky to have a hubby that will go with you!!! LOL.. You are such a great family.

Debbie B

Jackie said...

Aw, that IS love! :)
My husband would do the same thing, and has, when I need to find just the right material or color... he figures if I can be comfortable in the hunting department, it's the least he can do in return!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Definitely love! I knew I'd found Mr. Right when he was willing to buy feminine products without complaining lol Now with two daughters it's a good thing I trained him in the early days :)


Jaime T. said...

Haha, that is great.

When we were engaged, I was surprised by my husband's great concern for some of the details - colors of the linens, flower arrangements, cake decorations, etc. This coming from a man who also races tractors for fun, so to see his "feminine" side was kind of a hoot. He is a keeper though, even if he will NEVER (even after 11 years) buy my feminine products for me. He cant even look at the stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Kim, What a great story! And I can envision the whole thing, too! (BTW, when's that hair appointment for Karl? I can't wait to see the PICS!)

Anyway, when I read the comments from others I was chuckling about the "feminine products". I will never, EVER, forget the day a man in line at the grocery store "explained" to the cashier that the feminine products he had just put up on the belt "weren't for him"...! GO FIGURE!!! :)

Have a great day!!

Love yaz,


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