Friday, October 12, 2007

Sometimes Technology Bites

I swear this computer wants to make me insane!
Not only did I lose the capabilities to press a button and have things like internet pop up, but I also lost Photoshop this morning.
Talk about sending me into a panic..I thought for sure I was going to have a nervous breakdown.
Photoshop is as important to me as my coffee machine, and I truly "heart" my Kuireg with all my heart...I do, really.

Anywhos..that being that, I fiddled and fooled, a clicked and I swore and somehow I am back on-line.
I have no idea if Photoshop is going to work out but I'm here, and that's a very cool thing.

Yesterday morning Kayara, Adriana and I got together with some friends, Nikki and Brandy. Nikki and Brandy are sisters and the 4 of us used to work together at the same restaurant back in our waitressing days.
Nikki is also, married to Arthur's {Kayaras b-friend and Adriana's Daddy} brother, Zeke.
One big ole' happy family, right? gals are anyway. LOL!!

So, really the only pic's I have to show you are just a couple before my Photoshop decided to get a bug up her butt. :0/

How cute are these blue eyed babies?

This is Ben. We call him Beb-Ben, he's Brandy's baby boy. Doesn't he have the coolest hair?
Ben-Ben will be 2 next month. Guess who gets to photograph the b-day boy at his dinasour party? :0)

This is Nova. Nova is Nikki's lil' girl. She's only 6 months and already a "Super Diva".
Look at those thighs...couldn't you just squeeze them babies all day? I did..well, all morning anyway.
Someone please tell me why those thighs are soooo cute on Nova but not on me? :0(

Here's another of Miss Nova. Can you believe her Gramma told me she has never had "professional" pictures taken?
I had to laugh because first you'd never know it, she was all smiles and girlie giggly stuff and second..."professional", holy cow, I am flattered! Thanks Nova's Gramma. :0)

Last but not least, a couple more of Adriana, who is a "Super Diva In Training". She won't be training much longer..the girl has got it down pat. I hear redheads are fast learners. :0)

Hopefully I can get some pictures up tomorrow. The boys spent their afternoon, yesterday, fishing and trying to call an alligator out of the water like it was a puppy. It was fun, it was wild, it wasn't relaxing..but what can you do, they're boys. the fact that I thought gummy worms would be a perfect fish bait and, ummm..after watching Kody and Kolin eat almost every one of them, I was told I was wrong.
Fishing, worms, those are boy things anyway...and I am sooo not boyish. So there boys!! :0b

Thanks for stopping by!!

Love, Kim


Jen L from WI said...

Have a wonderful weekend K's!

Anonymous said...

What the heck made me come back here at 3:00 AM, when I was already by yesterday and you had an update. BUT.....I know you update DAILY, Kim, and you have got me TOTALLY SPOILED! You definitely have a track record to keep up with!! :o) AWESOME pics; you made me LOL about the baby thighs being cute but oh-not-so for us adults. :( Have a great weekend!!


Lauren said...

i hope you get photoshop back!!!!


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